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WTS godly & top tier rivens. (zarr/astilla/phantasma and more)

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Zarr:  177DMG+143CC+112CD (negative impact)   -- Vasarin, mr16, 0roll            >>>SOLD<<<

Astilla: 231DMG+157MS (+recoil)  -- Naramon, mr12, 77roll

Gaze (beam kit gun): +200CC+116CD (negative corpus 22%) -- Vasarin, mr13, 4roll   >>>>SOLD<<<<

Phantasma: +191DMG+143MS (+recoil) -- Madurai, mr8, 1roll     >>>current offer by 

Pyrana: +280DMG+153MS  (negative corpus 22%) -- Madurai, mr16, 6roll

Pyrana: +291DMG+157MS (negative max ammo 43%) -- Vasarin, mr14, 30roll



Offers here or to me ingame (Invasive_Zim) :)

Edited by Invasive_Zim
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