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Looking for Members for a Research Clan


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A while back before I stopped playing this game I had a small clan where my friends and I really just focused on building the Dojo.

I came back to the game and when I checked the Dojo I realized that we had already completed all research rooms required for research.

I am now more active and looking for members to join the clan. Everybody in the clan will be given the tech role as to be able to start research projects, it doesn't matter what you do in the clan as long as you are actively contributing to the research projects. We also have trading posts and an obstacle course if you really care about that.

In short, I'm looking for up to 9 members to join a clan based on just research, there won't be activities, and you will not be kicked out for any reason other than being very inactive

Respond here or PM me on the forums or in game and I'll invite you, it may take a day depending on the time of day

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