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Game has become seriously more Ram hungry after Fortuna


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i have been without internet at my home for 1.5 months now but since yesterday i do have my connection back.

However Warframe (the game, not the launcher) seems to draw A LOT more memory than previously. I have 8 GB of DDR3 Ram (i know i know, old standard and i should upgrade to ddr4), 6 of which are consistently being used by the game. Previous to this Warframe ran perfectly smooth with my custom graphics settings (which are basically the ingame "high" settings) but now the framerate can't even dream of a 40, whereas before it could consistently hold a 60.

Were there any windows updates which meant a worse support for DDR3-based memory? could me moving my PC have done something? I will update my graphics driver right away but i don't imagine it'll fix anything since it's my ram that seems to suffer the most. All other parameters (video card, cpu etc are below 30% usage as shown by the windows task manager).

I have no idea how to troubleshoot this other than buying new RAM so please, if you have any ideas aside from that (or know that there is an unfixable problem here), put them forward.



Happy hunting,



PS: I will update this once i've tried a new fix


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