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  1. As many people have pointed out Now, impact procs feel more like a punishment than sth to root/mod for. I want to suggest a modified Version of what SortaRandom suggested in this thread https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1171335-impact-shouldnt-cause-aoe-knockdown/ What about this: Impact procs Now stun enemies for 0.75 second. Each subsequent proc adds 0.25 seconds to this duration up until 3 seconds. In stunned position they leave their head exposed, similar to equinox' or ivaras sleep abilities. Enemies are NOT open to stealth damage in this state but after the fifth proc (when the timer would've reached 2 seconds total) they open to finishers (perhaps indicated by slumping into another Pose, from head hanging to their left to it hanging more to the right). This would have the following advantages: -preserves inherent logic (big thing Hits enemy, enemy blacks out) -both impact damage and its status procs are Now effective against enemies with shields, as hitting the head is a crucial part to bypass an enemies shields) -status on snipers has a much more inherent value (either you kill em with one shot, kiddo, or your shot will stun em so your next can Land perfectly) -impact is Now desirable on close range weapons (finish the enemy off with a finisher) and long range weapons (open them up to headshots)
  2. Well 120 selfdamage shots from my Prisma Angstrum (modded with frostbite, jolt, sure shot and barrel diffusion) later I'm now confident that it does work additively and i mesremembered (The Status isn't quite 100% and it's about 50/50 between magnetic and blast but 0.96^120≈0,007). Thank you for correcting me, I'll annotate the original post.
  3. I thought to distincly remember myself getting mag procced in eidolon hunts even with 2 of these equipped but i might be wrong. I'll jump into game and try to check it
  4. There's multiple examples of this but I'll pick Arcane Nullifier to illustrate it. On equiping two of these, this only needed to proc once before to give the full effect of the arcane. Equipping two Arcane Nullifiers (each fully ranked, with a proc probability of 80%) gave you a 96% probability to resist the status effect (reverse probability of [probability of Arcane A not proccing * probability of arcane B not proccing] = 1-[0.2*0.2] = 0.96). Not only is does 102% of resisting something seem like someone didn't double-check the numbers (I don't want to point fingers here, y'all are evidently hard at work with an update which has a Dev-workshop of half a forum page, but it really looks like that's what's happened), but even giving us 100% resistance is a massive Buff as 96% still has you planning what you will do if the proc does hit you, while 100% has you just ignoring part of the enemys attack entirely without thinking about it. I just want to prevent unintentional buffs here since we all know the one thing tenno hate more than nerfs of their favourite loadouts is when the reason stated is "we intended it that way in the first place".
  5. First of all: great screen. But: In the current UI it feels like we have a better overview of our loot, seperating mods (which I think should include avionics as well) and all others (ressources, prime parts, whatevers) into two sections. By grouping them all in togeher you have created the problem of having all of these grouped in together. I'd suggest either organising the list of loot (first prime parts, then mods, then ressources...) or making it 2 seperate lists (mods/avionics are a good thing to put into a seperate column since they generate a lot of seperate icons).
  6. In Devstream #137 we saw a version of this at work. I just wanna point out that there the actual elements combined at the end and I think (since the element the weapon is spawned with is deterministic) this MIGHT be a good addition though it would be even better if players could choose whether to combine elements or keep the one that we are fusing into.
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