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K-Drives: tron/lightcycle alike gameplay, creation of elemental walls in the wake of K-drive.


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I for one enjoyed a myriad of tron clones with lightcycle-style gameplay. That could be adapted to K-drives

The basic elements are: 

You can never stop moving forward, only accelerate/decelerate.

Your k-drive leaves a wall trail

objective is to enclose enemies by creting a maze, makingthem collide and die.

walls of dead enemies fade away.

Now, I do not mean to implement it in the actual world.

It would either be a vent kids VR/AR game, or some pseudo-hacking minigame os cephalon scape VR tied to some mission and/or quest. 



Then it would make sense to use K-Drives to draw temporary walls in the environment.

2 mods lets the player choose between "Physical turns" (current behavior) and "Void turns" (90-degree, void-powered angleportation)

Wall powers would be selectable with mods as well - OR be chosen automatically according to the warframe in use. 

"Bastille" - would create a Vauban-like wall that does not stop bullets, but may either imprison enemies, or thow them backwards

"Frost wall" - a wall with the characteristics of Frost Globe

"Rift wall" - a wall which works like a rift portal, players and enemies passing through go to or from the rift

"Glass wall" - in the vein of Gara's glass wall.

"Fire wall" - For Ember mains.


A second ability would be, instead of creating a wall, to create a wake of said elemental power, which would affect enemies stepping on it, but not necessarily blocking passage, depending on ability. 


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