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  1. How do I enable those friendly Android 'Approve' 2FA screens to quickly finish a transaction?
  2. Put Darvo's Deals on the main Market screen on the Liset. Preferably with a shortcut to visit him. Makes more sense than putting him on the Syndicate tab. But if you wante to create a 'Syndicate' of sorts, with him and Clem, I am A-OK with it.
  4. They should make a boulder move and give him exalted fists. It would be lith! And would fossilitate modding to adjust the damage, element, and combo duration. It would rock!
  5. Who needs marshmallow shooters? we have potato guns. Same can be said about any damage type. They are basically covered. Of course there are mods and frames, but that's beside thte point. Elemental Damage types like e.g. blast have a wealth of wepons having it as innate damage type. Same does not apply to cold however. It's just a matter of fostering variety.
  6. So yeah, just noticed that. Because of the Nightwave challenge. We have very few weapons with innate cold damage. Primary - Glaxion, ehhh Lenz but it's not its primary damage type. Melee - Sibear Secondary - Hystrix - not even exclusively cold, it swaps damage type. Plus 2 sentinel cold weapons. Bottom line: we could do with some cold elemental weapons, for the sake of variety.
  7. Yes we need more Primed Chamber. No reason to make it such an albino fly with teeth rarity level.
  8. It's a matter of giving an orientation cue. To make the other changes more useful, the player needs an easier time on knowing where to aim first. Changes with Itzal and K-drives are a different topic which can complement mobility, and will only benefit from this idea.
  9. We all know the minimap is partially cromulent, partially garbage. It would be nice to have a super-easy way to orient towards the gate, and imo the easiest way to that would be with skybeams that can be seen from the far reaches of the map. In Archwing mode, a quick 360 would easily locate the map and the player can dash towards it, if desired. Bonus points if those skybeams are twins with slightly different colors, so the player can also know the general direction it is relative to the entrance. Cetus would be cool with a silver-gold beam or beams. Twin beams don't have much use here, as it is at the very north of the map. Fortuna would do well with twin beams, I propose purple and blue. being at the center of the map, the player when in archwing mode could easily know on which region of the map he is, according to he twin beams relative position to each other.
  10. Archwing needs to have a gameplay rework, otherwise the supercalifragilisticopalolyst will be a "visit once, farm wisp, never visit again" endeavour. Make Archwing great again for once.
  11. Atlas Prime would come well with an exalted weapon for its fists, so the ability 1 and rumblers can inherit such mods.
  12. I was playing a syndicate spy mission to achieve Nightwave reward. My game was opening, but no one had joined yet. Enemies were coming from the same door which led to a corridor on path to vault A. My Ignis broke the glass, and after I did the cipher to close the windows, the door was still shut close. Had to abandon the mission, as I could not complete vault A. It was a Cephalon Suda mission on Skyresh (phobos). The tile is a large tile with two stairs, a window to the side with many cabinets, and a not-so-secret room in a mezanin, which requires parkour to get. It's one of the older tiles.
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