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  1. The Helminth should have an Exalted Glaive ultimate skill that would be imprintable on Warframes, as long as it replaces the frame's ultimate skill.
  2. All bounces should target the nearest enemy rather than going at a random direction. There should be zero-sum +bounce and -bounce mods that affect crit and status chance. +X bounces Add % critical chance per bounce , reduces % status chance per bounce +X bounces Add % status chance per bounce , reduces % crit chance per bounce -X bounces Add % critical chance per bounce removed , reduces % status chance per bounce removed -X bounces Add % status chance per bounce removed , reduces % crit chance per bounce removed
  3. Nah. Loki might get little tweaks to its abilities. A full kit rework will never happen - it's better to put a full kit on a new Warframe entirely. A few small tweaks on each of Loki's abilities can pump him up significantly.
  4. A different type of stealth would be the ability for the frame to look like an enemy faction/character to infiltrate. The thrill of over-witting the enemy with its actions can make it more powerful over time. Wit - Every time an enemy is affected by one of its abilities, it gains Wit, a special attribute with a meter. Certain actions will consume wit. Fooled - fooled is a special status that is inflicted on enemies affected by its abilities. This special status contributes to abilities and mods that have a 'per status effect' multiplier. The 'Fooled' status does not raise enemy
  5. The new player experience is definitely a step up! The game definitely needs to do more hand-holding for new players not to fumble too much around learning all the game systems. AnthonyCSN is a very good showcase of a new player fumbling about to learn new systems, and to learn the UI. I think you should to a 'training wheels' mode, with additional voice lines for many of the common figures: Lotus, Ordis, Maroo, Darvo, Teshin, maybe some more. Player would have the option to turn off 'training wheels' to make NPCs less chatty. Training wheels should inform and guid
  6. Void Proc: Make the bullet attractor center on an existing weakspot. Void damage re-proc should create a weakspot. Xata's Whisper: make single handed action, add status chance Grasp of Lohk. Increase shooting range. Give it a passive 'weapon token counter' - for every enemy that is killed by Xaku, she steals its weapon for its personal weapon cache. When casting the ability, it would also consume weapon tokens that it accumulated on its counter. Think like Nekros stores souls for its ultimate. She should be able to store more weapon tokens than the max. number
  7. My proposal is to allow for Level 30 (max) weapons to be dismantled to create a Kitgun Chamber. The chamber will retain the primary and secondary firemodes of the original weapon, and the general balance between damage types. The player will be able to build a kitgun with this chamber, but with better stats. MR requirement for the chamber will be higher than that of the base weapon, like +50% or something (balance pending). "What if I could have a stug, but that does not suck in 2020?" Additionally, this chamber would also grant more Mastery XP the first time it is levele
  8. Xae-Ro x2 damage on headshots and weakspots (final damage is doubled) Killing an enemy blinds enemies around it and creates weakspots.
  9. To bring new life into the Vectis Prime, I think this could be a good mod for Father to sell: Bara-Jo Exilus mod Empties clip on each shot in a very quick burst (pinpoint accuracy while aiming) Each status/crit/crit enhancement will reduce enemy max shields, armor and health by 10% permanently (multiplicatively, enemies will never die by this effect), and enhance crit chance, damage and status chance of next bullet by 10%. Each bullet enhances the next one, effect resets on reload.
  10. Grasp of Lohk: Should add weapons to the currently held weapons, instead of replacing with the new cast. Should be able to sinergize with other warframe abilities that also disarm enemies, being able to pick up all weapons that have been taken by other warframes (except other xaku). Mesa, Loki, etc. would make more weapons available to cast. Should be able to pick weapons from corpses.
  11. Yeah yeah, just a little bit of an embarassment... But you let the renewal date slip and now browser is flagging the forums as "unsafe". At least it has not been hacked. OR HAS IT? 🤔
  12. Iso Vault door desync: In one of the vault maps there is a locked door that only has a small space behind it, with a big infested wall. to the top, there is a little activation crystal on top of the door. When it opens, it only opens a slice, not fully. It may happen that the door looks to be open for the client, and the player may come in, but cannot get out. There is not way to pass the door if it happens. /unstuck does not work. Dying and reviving does not work.
  13. Here's a weird one: I play on a 4K monitor, but my GPU just can't keep up with the full res, so I play on Windowed mode at 2560 x 1600, with Resolution Scaling set at 50%. the top left 1/4 of the screen does not do some distortion/caustic effects on the game. It is much easier to see in motion, but I captured some screenshots that clearly shows the seam that forms from the non-caustic image to the caustic image. In still images it may not look like much, but it becomes very apparent when playing, in motion, especially because it crosses the center of the image vertically
  14. Over time, Warframe has accumulated tons of weapons. As power creeps, slowly but surely, they fall out of favor. Some weapons are released with really nice mechanics, but their stats suck overall, and they are relegated to the "Mastery fodder" - level up, then forget. And it bugs me. "Why can't I have X weapon, but with good stats?" Rivens can only go so far in making a sucky weapon less sucky. Kitguns though, would be a good complement to make new versions of existing weapons with better stats. It could work like this: After you master a non-prime weapon to
  15. Loki still going blind on the Cambion Drift:
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