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  1. Gauss is an incredibly fun Warframe to play. Here are some ideas to make it even more fun. Mach Rush Augments: Tag Team - enemies hit by Mach rush become TAGGED for a few seconds. Other Warframe abilities from any Warframe will be able to target TAGGED enemies. Effective range becomes doubled for TAGGED enemies, and LOS can be forfeited for TAGGED enemies within the extended range. Mach Momentum - Gauss will be able to use its kinetic battery to perform hardcore maneuvers while speeding with Mach Rush. Mod levels will allow for 1/2/3/4 maneuvers without cost, which recharge as Gauss run if kinetic battery is already maxxed out. Maneuvers: Strafe: double-click to each side while looking forward will allow Gauss to perform a sideways roll without changing running direction to dodge obstacles. Hard Turn: double-click to each side while looking sideways makes Gauss do a 90 (ish) degree turn without losing momentum and start running towards the direction it is facing. Mach Slide: Sliding does not cancel Mach Rush, allowing to slide indefinitely at speed. Liftoff: double jump while looking above the horizon will have Gauss to propel itself a large distance in the air very fast towards the reticule, but deactivates Mach Rush. Mach Drag: Enemies will be dragged behind Mach Rush, clumping together. If enemies are hit head-on, This enemy is ragdolled and carried by Gauss as a shield, taking incoming forward damage for him, and will take extra damage if Gauss stops by hitting an obstacle. Only the latest head-on hit enemy stay in this position, throwing the previous one back to the drag. Kinetic Plating: Ablative Plating - When manually deactivating the ability, Kinetic plating leaves behind one pickup per other active player (can be vacuumed) That will give other players partial benefits of Kinetic Plating. Energy gained by the other players by this pickup buff will also give energy to Gauss. Ablative plating buff and pickup will not be dispelled if Gauss recasts kinetic plating. Ablative plating buff does not stack, but can be picked up again for a partial duration increase. If there are multiple Gauss players dropping Ablative Plating, the strongest stats will remain on the buff of the other players. Gauss can pick up Ablative Plating from other Gauss players only, not its own. Companion Plating - Kinetic Plating will also apply to pet/sentinel. The energy conversion will be health conversion for pets/sentinels to heal. Thermal Sunder: Thermal Siphon - The same damage types of Kinetic plating, Melee attacks, enemy and player movement will contribute to charge the kinetic battery. If fully charged, overflow charge will become additional energy to all allies standing in the area. Redline: Victory Lap - Upon manually deactivating, freezes enemies in the same range as of thermal sunder. Mach Rush will becomes cost-free for a few seconds. Redline Discharge - Gauss can hold the ability button to forcibly vent part of the kinetic battery to players close to him, temporarily giving them the buffs of Redline. Electrokinetic Battery: A first for augments, never has a passive got one. But IMO Gauss could get one. Double Redline Battery - Gauss' battery first redline goes to 60%, gaining a second redline at 80%. All redline effects that would trigger at 80% now trigger at 60%, and the effects that would require 100% now require 80% battery charge.
  2. Nail Bomb Replace with Point Defense System - PDS PDS will negate incoming gun damage in its area of effect, intercepting them by shooting down the shots with its own shots. The interception will cause explosions that will damage the enemies. bubble of protection -> if incoming damage touches the bubble, shot is replaced with an explosion at the contact point. Damage type will be part puncture, part the damage of the incoming attack. PDS does not block enemy AoE.
  3. Some suggestions: As a global synergy guidance, abilities with contradictory could compound into additional damage. Example: Bastille holds enemies in place, Fire Blast pushes enemies away. Bastille will 'win' in holding enemies in place, but the push will become additional damage beyond Fire Blasts innate damage. Mine Layer Boost Pad: to prevent trolling abuse, the booster pad only activates when the player is NOT AIMING AND NOT STATIONARY. This check should be CLIENT AUTHORITATIVE. Ember Fireball - Replace it with Phoenix Fire - 'hold to fire' flamethrower-like ability. (like Ignis). Clicking the ability will switch it between "normal" mode and "nitro" mode. Normal mode builds up the immolation meter, while Nitro mode increases damage and range at the cost of the immolation meter. Bonus points if she shoots from her helmet/face/mouth rather than hands. Double bonus points if the helmet opens to fire. Fire Blast - the blast should melt projectiles and block bullets that try to cross its expanding ring. Immolation - toggling off immolation should heal Ember. Holding the button would consume the bar over time to gradually heal Ember, but not deactivate the ability. Immolation Overheat - letting the bar to 100% should not have an instant effect, but something that happens over time that can be bad or good depending on the player. Ember would 'blow up' when immolation reaches 100%, letting an inferno-like explosion on her (normal energy cost), and scattering her weapons - in missions with weapon slot restrictions, her armor bits will scatter. Her Phoenix Fire will be permanently on, and inferno will repeatedly blow up on her every few seconds until her energy is completely wasted, or she recollects all weapons/armor bits. Inferno - the meteor shower should be a 'hold to trigger' action, while a 'click to trigger' would be a more defensive "oh-sh!t" version of the ability that would trigger Inferno centered 360 degrees on her, and aiming the enemies closest to her in close vicinity.
  4. Dethcube buff? Prime Stats? A new mechanic to revive sentinels during the mission? Plz thx
  5. According to drop rates, there should be a 1/3rd chance of getting each part of the weapon on each Zealoid Prelate kill. But it has happened that I got no drop reward from it sometimes.
  6. So, here is my take on the necessity to revamp sentinels: POWER CREEP. It is real, and depending on how fast and how much, it is not a bad thing, and keeps propelling the game forward, as it has been doing. Sentinels have languished for too long, they need to be more relevant, and respawnable. BUFF Sentinels have been neglected for a long time. IMO Sentinels need to be made a bit more buff so they can withstand more damage, and cause more as well. How much? DE has the dial, please dial it up. REVIVE Rather than giving a plain revive mechanic though, I propose a different thing: Players should scavenge parts to rebuild their sentinels once they break. To that end, every mission would have a mini mission-in-a-mission. The player could go to any non-special console in the mission (i.e. spy vault consoles won't work). There, the player would "hack the mainframe" to find sentinel spare parts. This can be done before or after the sentinel dies, and in effect gives the sentinel a +1 revive. The mission would have a cooldown before the mainframe can be hacked again for more parts (1-5 minutes). Revives will NOT be limited to 1, player can accumulate them. Sentinel mods would allow for a reduction in the cooldown between sentinel side missions, and players can combine their mods for an even lower cooldown. There would be a very rare chance of finding a sentinel revive on crates. A rare crate would always give a +1 sentinel revive. Once the console is hacked, a random secondary mission would spawn inside the mission. Some mission types will have the possibility of spawning side missions specific to them, increasing the difficulty temporarily. SECONDARY MISSIONS: Mobile Defense: A part has been found, but it is safelocked. The decryption of the safelock takes time, and a console somewhere must be defended until the part is recovered. May spawn on any mission. Extermination: in a platoon (or bunch of platoons) of high-level eximus, their Captain has the part. Captain only spawns after x enemies killed. Power through the soldiers to get to the Captain. May spawn on any mission. Spy: a part has been located inside one vault. Hack it to recover the part. If map generation is modified, can potentially spawn on any mission. Capture: an engineer has been found with the necessary part. Rather than hiding behind a platoon, the coward is going for an escape pod. Intercept the target before he goes away to revive the sentinel. May spawn on any mission. Survival: Spare part has been found in custody of "expendables" - robotic proxies, ghouls, and the like. Player has to hack survival towers so that they poison the air instead (!), to spawn the deadly squad. Excavation: Player will hack a drill to draw the attention of a high level demi-boss enemy that has the part. The drill must not be destroyed, and the enemy must be killed. Interception: Player will hack an interception tower, which will work for the enemy instead, and spawn eximus units over time to draw in the enemy with spare parts. Must accumulate X % for the enemy to respawn the sentinel. Disruption: an amalgam may have the part on a small crate on its back, with a smallish weakspot (like lech kril). If you kill the amalgam before breaking it, you lose the part. Can be cheesed with Ivara. If the Amalgam blows up the conduit, spare part is left behind - a small consolation prize for player to try to do better next time.
  7. Tag Game This Augment would affect Gauss's basic ability, Electrokinetic battery. Enemies will be TAGGED by this effect. TAG has a duration of 2/4/6/8 seconds affected by duration. With this additional effect, Gauss would be able to collaborate with other players and enhance the range of his and allies abilities. Enemies knocked down by Gauss will be considered targeted and in range of other abilities, within some limits: In Range - The ability's range will be increased by Gauss's range to determine if the tagged enemy is range. Example: Ally Saryn's Miasma has 130% range (26 meters), and Gauss has 160% range. The TAGGED extra range is 32 meters. TAGGED enemies up to 26 + 32 = 58 meters will be affected by Miasma. Abilities which have a limited angle of effect will have the angular area increased as well. In Range effect only affects the range of abilities that can be affected by range mods. Targeted - abilities which require targeting with the reticule will also consider TAGGED enemies as targeted, with a lower priority than the ally's actual targeting. Examples: Ash's Bladestorm, Mesa's Peacemaker will shoot at TAGGED enemies too. Loki's Switch Teleport will be able to switch to the last TAGGED enemy IF the Loki player is not aiming at a specific enemy, and if the TAGGED enemy is inside the extended range.
  8. Echoes of Umbra - as a consumable? Pass. I dislike the idea of making it require a consumable to even use it. It's the Archwing launcher all over again. I would prefer instead: an Umbral Reactor that can be added to a Warframe. I would be fine with either using the Operator energy, or going the other way round and have and "Umbral Power Bar" which gradually fills in with Operator action - kinda similar to Nidus, or a fighting game power bar. Different actions consumes different amounts of "Umbral Power" (or Operator Void energy) While in Operator mode, the player would use the 1-2-3-4 buttons to cast Warframe abilities, or use E and F to temporarily summon the Warframe into action with either melee or firearms. As none of these buttons are in use by the Operator, it shouldn't cause conflicts. Excalibur Umbra would have a buff in the "Umbral Power Bar" thing. The consumable could, instead of being a requirement to use Echoes of Umbra, be like an "energy plate" for Umbral Power, like we have for health, shields, energy and ammo.
  9. Whatever floats your boat. wait... ... ... ... IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE? (Team Narancia FTW!)
  10. And rip, mix and match Grineer/Moa/Fortuna limbs, heads and torsos on crewmembers. I would make a fortuna character with a grinner torsohead and a kavat head in place of the robotic head sensor array. Even sentinels should be fair game to replace heads.
  11. So, about the upcoming crew for Railjack. What's the point with having a crew if we can't play with them as dolls action figures, dressing them and making tea parties? Stats are useless, fashion is king! I would appreciate if FashionCrew can bring us the underpinning of a big upgrade to FashionFrame: Customization of model proportions a la The Sims. sliding from skinny to fat, slender to bulky, and height. For models with facial features, start with Operator face customization options and expand. My suggestion would be to use the Warframe model and animations as a base for crew, so that the customizations can be backported into Warframes down the road, and possible even Operators . This would provide crew as a a safe-ish sandbox to test out the effects of the additional shape sliders on cosmetic placement, weapon attachments and movement, until it becomes good enough to be activated on Warframes. With FashionCrew, all the customization assets could also trickle back and eventually become available to NPCs and even enemies for additional variety in the form of visual flair. On top of it all, retrofit legs, arms, torsos and heads from different factions, so we can make out crewmembers be Fortuna torsoheads with grineer heads inside, make a Legs-like character with grineer legs, or replace a Fortuna escapee's head with a sentinel head... or Kavat. For looks, you know, the actual head iw on the torso. I think that would open up a nice window for additional visual customization options for the game.
  12. Got an Assassination Sortie vs. Tyl Regor, and it was doubly bugged. First time, it was a progression stopper. Tyl Regor just would not spawn after the first part of the fight was finished. We killed the Maniacs, but it would not come back, just throw quips at us. We had to give up the mission. Second time, it broke boss attacks, but not progress. Tyl Regor got stuck in a dying animation, like a Grineer minion bleeding out, flaiing on the ground. It would still do his "jump around" mechanics, but would still be stuck in the "flayling on the ground" animation. It was basically a jumping sponge, and was quickly dispatched. I don't know how it could have happened, My theorycrafting is either it was a bug as it was spawning, or some player-triggered effect could be causing it, like opening to finishers or something. There were 3 players: 2 Saryn and 1 Octavia. One of the players had a kavat, the others sentinels. I was using Ignos Wraith, Atomos and Plague Kripath. Don't recall the others loadouts.
  13. Uhhh, is this Dog Days a downhill slide towards Fortnite-ization of Warframe? Count me out. ... ... ... Unless there are anime faces for tenno and opening warframe helmets, and cat ears (tails, whiskers) and ... jiggle physics.
  14. Still no fix for Index breaking in all sorts of ugly ways on Host Micgration.
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