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  1. Operator, can you upload me into a Jackal? Just once? I would like to know what its circuits feel like... ... A Cephalon can dream, can't it?
  2. Glassmaker spawn on Syndicate Mobile Defense Mission cause insta-fail. Was doing a Mobile Defense on a pub group (Steel Meridian, but using a cephalon Suda Oracle Sigil for dual farm) Glassmaker cephalons spawned. After killing a couple cephalons, mobile defense mission insta-failed out of the blue. Squad was a bunch o veterans creaming all enemies, mobile defense target was healthy.
  3. Unlimited Reassembles - this Warframe does not revive. it is reassembled. The "revive limit" does not apply (kind of similar to Inaros) Once "killed", it becomes dismembered, and parts must reunite to revive. Dismembered state is not dead, as the broken frame remains able to use abilities to help it revive. Player can control its parts for them to rejoin. Other players helping with the "revive" ability will act like a vaccuum to bring the pieces together faster. It should easily dismember itself, or be dismembered. Parts would move by themselves to attack and/or reassemble. In dismembered state, the abilities would work themathically similar, but adjusted to being split to pieces. Dismembered parts would crawl towards each other to reassemble, unless commanded otherwise. Since it is broken, it siphons or copies powers from the environment. Itwould be able to clone powers from other frames on the party, or from enemies, and use enemy corpses to help itself reassemble and attack. Another unique: This warframe can copy abilities with its 4th (read Assimilate below)). It can also equip any Warframe augment mod for any ability in its Exilus slot. This causes that ability to become the default ability cast by Ability 4. Player can still Assimilate other abilities during gameplay. To dispel an Assimilated ability and go back to the default exilus-provided, player can hold ability 4 for double the time required to cast the ability to release the Assimilated ability, going back to the default (or no ability). Ability 1 guns akimbo - can create a temporary ethereal copy of another party members weapon - or steal an enemy's weapon, and dual wield, or triple wield, or quadruple wield with the equipped weapon. (it's broken, it can grow arms). Cycle to select whether to copy/steal primary, secondary, melee or arch-gun. When dismembered, it would make the member closest to an enemy or corpse to pick up a weapon and start shooting. Can be multi-cast. Ability 2 body snatch - Invades the body of an enemy. Acts as an invisibility of sorts, as enemies will perceive him as an ally - unless he attacks. Enemy possessed takes continuous damage, and additional damage the more the player moves, as warframe has unnatural strength that rips the possessed body to parkour etc. When body snatching and not dismembered, gradually heals while dealing even more additional damage to enemy. Can jump out of the enemy's body at will, at no energy cost. If the player was fighting enemies while in the possessed body, enemies will still see the released victim as a radiation-status enemy, until the radiation status wears off. When dismembered, it would command the dismembered part closest to an enemy to latch on the enemy and command it to run around collecting other warframe dismembered parts. Can be multi-cast in dismembered state to bring parts together faster. Ability 3 the thing - Body parts starts growing the frame into a monstrosity, drawing all enemy aggro towards itself. Warframe draws bodies close by towards itself, using them to grow more parts, gaining max HP, healing it and gaining damage bonus. Warframe becomes unable to heal and gain shields passively, but can consume bodies to heal and increase its stats multiple times, up to a cap. The monstrosity grows and takes damage until it dies, exploding in multiple pieces, dismembering the warframe. Explosion can be forced by holding the ability button, which consumes the remaining HP over time, which increases the range and damage of the explosion. Once it explodes, it dispels alarms and aggro, as enemies believe the Warframe was destroyed. Ability 4 assimilate - can assimilate an enemy to create an ultimate ability, or copy Warframe ultimates on team. Click to Assimilate, hold to cast. Assimilating a common gun-wielding enemy will assimilate its weapon, and casting causes a nontstop stream of gunfire from multiple extra arms. A rocket-launcher or AoE enemy will create an AoE hail of missiles/projectiles targeting enemies. A melee enemy will create multiple arms to parry incoming damage in all directions, and continuously attack enemies that come in range. It can copy enemy boss attacks as well. Cosmetic unique: can equip any warframe's helmet. Bonus cosmetic goal: Add body proportion sliders to allow the player to resize the warframe to be more or less bulky, fat, slim, round or flat. This should be cosmetic and not affect hitboxes. Make it more The Sims-like to fashionframe. Bonus cosmetic goal #2: allow the player to mix and match body parts of any Warframe or skin the player owns.
  4. Still unsatisfied with: Blast Impact Gas Radiation Blast: accuracy loss is not really useful, as you are ragdolling anyway. Should instead open up weakspots, or a weaker version of a weakspot - smaller one, or less than +100% damage. Gas: Gas would make sense to have the accuracy loss moreso than Blast. Also open up the enemy to finishers, and stagger them after every time they do a melee attack. Gas would make more gas procs give more damage as well. Impact: replace its double-status effect with knock down enemy's weapon. For melee enemies, reduces melee damage for 6 seconds. Radiation: enemies still tickle other enemies. Should make enemies affected more susceptible to more status or damage from, and buff enemy to enemy damage.
  5. Shield gating: After the invulnerability phase, should then become 50% damage reduction. Damage reduction would gradually reduce by X% per tick, 10 ticks per second. X% = 1000 / shields. Mods that increase shields: for every 10% shield increase, 1% additional damage reduction - can go beyond 100%, it would take longer to wear off. That way, high build shields give nice survivability.
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