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  1. BrazilianJoe

    How to survive playing Open World areas with 6gb ram

    Yeah, on a machine like that you have no excuse to not be on Windows 10 64-bits Home or Pro. Also watch out for memory and resource hogs. Lots of background apps will give you various issues from game lag to disk contingency to running out of RAM. If you have safe browsing, downloading and email habits Windows Defender should be more than enough security, no need for a 3rd party antivirus. close all downloader apps, even if idle, and browsers. As others said, GeForce 940mx only goes so far. I don't think you can achieve 60fps with it. But with Dynamic Resolution, you should be able to alt least be at or above 30fps almost all the of the time, which is the breaking point for a decent fps experience. I said "decent", not superb. More is better, but requires a better GPU as well.
  2. BrazilianJoe

    Anyone else sick of the Big Maps? I know I am.

    I though it was a Microsoft hater talking sh!t on Bing Maps.
  3. BrazilianJoe

    How to survive playing Open World areas with 6gb ram

    "Add more ram" useful, but only up to a point, and requires $$$. GeForce 940mx only goes so far, and 6GB RAM should be enough for the performance envelope the graphcs card has. Checking for the right graphics processor also very important. If you are on battery, your notebook will likely limit your game fps to 30 anyway. So plug the charger for best performance as well. Reduce the game settings to low to reduce ram consumption and improve performance. Also, you can play with the 64 bits version and enable dynamic resolution.
  4. BrazilianJoe

    Forced out of Survivals

    The "Leave Party" command should be brought from the open world into all mission types, that would solve the problem.
  5. BrazilianJoe

    Pherliac Pods... where are they?

    If you do 50 attempts the probability to drop it at least once is more than 99%. Keep trying.
  6. BrazilianJoe

    We need more BUTT fixes

    Next up in the queue: The Sims styled b00b, b00t, and g00t sliders, plus jiggle physics and the return of Valkyr Prime's golden brassiere. New armor will include full chestpieces going from Fortuna-style to Saryn-style. Codpieces bits added to armor. Animification of Warframe procceeding as expected.
  7. BrazilianJoe

    PSA - PC Server Upgrades Commencing

    Emergency server upgrades due to increased load means .. more players? Which means more money? Yay! Yay... right?
  8. BrazilianJoe

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    Haven`t checked the rear mesh yet. Hope you buffed it right. I see no fixes for Profit-Taker progression issues though.
  9. There will always be a Meta. I see a problem where for high level, while a skilled player can take a paper frame and be stealthy (e.g. Loki), it does not favor them, in a prevalent part of high-level fights. Part of that can be changed with game balance, but there can also be mission types that favor the less tanky builds. I spoke specifically about the Chroma Meta because it's so prevalent in general - all high-level content gets trivialized by it, and especially the Profit-Taker Orb Boss fight has 3 out of 4 players going Chroma. He is not the only one. Having a Tank meta in part of the game is not bad. It is bad only if it trumps all other frames in the majority of the content. It is also bad for monetization, because it disincentivizes farming the other frames. So, what I am asking for, is that the Tank meta does not dominate all 3 Orb fights. I am not even asking for changes in the current one, just that the next ones have different mechanics that privilege other frames (make them "meta").
  10. BrazilianJoe


    I don't think it's the right call to just "ask people to try it out". It's just unfun in the current format. If it gets some new functionality rolled in though, then it might improve to the point it becomes fun again. Like Dark Sectors, minus the bugs and sector-locking.
  11. BrazilianJoe

    Magus Repair Should Apply to Allies

    I think it would be a very nice upgrade. Rebalance the % if you will, but more ways to care for the health of allies are welcome.
  12. Open a crowdfunding campaing and get the man some tacos. Passive: make him have like 750 armor but it is only applicable to self-damage and friendly fire (irradiated allies). I would make all of his abilities a click-to-toggle, hold-to-cast. Each one with 2 different mines of varying degrees of power. Tesla / Triplaser - both abilities can be switched in slot 1. Tesla should focus on electric CC above all. No more "charging tesla". Augment - Switch effect to "disarms target". Medic / Supplies - on ability 2, Vauban can throw a medic crate or supply crate on the ground, or directly at an ally-frame. The Medic crate dispels status effects and provide some instant health and shields, plus temporary regeneration. Supplies provide instant refill of current gun magazines, and the weapon temporarily does not consume ammo, with shots ricocheting on nearby enemies and walls. Proposed Augment - Energetic - would grant a temporary energy regen, and stop energy drain of sustained abilities temporarily. It is the same full effect for both attacks. Vortex / Bastille - Fold both abilities into ability slot 3. Into The Breach / Fortification - Into the breach is an Exalted ArchGun. It does not have a sustained energy drain cost though, but has a full 100 energy casting cost. Vauban gets a full health regen and his armor applies to all damage, not just self-damage. The Arch-Gun will have a cooldown, but not 10 minutes. Fortification has a Radius of "affinity range". All frames become linked, with their health,shield and armor stats contributing to each other's survivability, with diminishing returns over distance. An item which behaves like a datamass or energy capsule is spawned by fortification, and can be picked up by any ally. This item grants regenerative powers for health, shield, energy, overshields, and ammo, as well as status immunity as long as a frame is holding it. shooting with the secondary weapon on an ally will also give the ally health, shields, overshields, energy and ammo. Neither of the two abilities cost sustained energy, they have a duration. Both can be active at the same time.
  13. BrazilianJoe

    Loki ability 1 Augment: Sleeping Decoy

    Here is an idea for an augment for the Decoy: Sleeping Decoy Decoy's weapon is swapped from a Lex/Lex Prime with a Ballistica, or Ballistica Prime for the Loki Prime variant. Instead of causing status effects on each shot, the Decoy shots puts the enemy to sleep in an unalerted state, open to finishers. Shots are silent. Ability Strength affects how much damage the enemy takes before he wakes up, duration affects sleep time, range affects maximum distance to which it will target enemies.
  14. Rereading, I find the ideas are mostly compatible with solo play. I added some notes to better explain how one idea is valid in solo play, and added a single tweak to another to make it behave slightly differently on solo. Cheers!
  15. The idea of this thread is to gather ideas for boss fight mechanics that would give various frames an opportunity to shine in the fight. The point is NOT to make a treatise/rant on how to fix the game balance, or how scaling is broken. Currently Chroma is the go-to for Profit-Taker due to its high damage resistance plus damage buff. Inaros a distant second. Which kind of mechanics can make non-tanky frames in general shine more than the tanky ones? Some ideas of nuggets of elements which can be incorporated in a greater boss fight sequence, in no particular order. They are not full fight, but elements that may be part of a "phase 4" for a new Orb or two: Diversion & Infiltration - in the final orb battle phase - not separate phases - While the Orb combat is ongoing, one frame must infiltrate a base with 3 spy consoles. Each spy console hacked will scramble the satellite position, giving the fight extra time to complete. ALL base alerts will trigger the spy mission's "data deletion", in this case it would be called "satellite encryption key update" - if the key is encrypted, all vaults lock up and no further time can be gained. The fight may still go on, but with significantly less time, possibly failing. If it goes on unalerted, Vaults would reset after some time and can be infiltrated again, though the time to decrypt goes smaller every time, and it takes longer for them to reset every time. The intention here is to have a clear-cut role for stealthy frames to make time for the mission ro unroll. Solo variation - it's the same mission which would unroll with no changes, however the player can only be in one place. So the player can either increase its timer, or go fight the boss which will happily be walking towards the goalpost. The solo player should have an easy time gain if he hacks 1-3 consoles before going for the Orb. Trojan Gambit - Boss is invulnerable, must be defeated from the inside. The Boss will "eat" the strongest Warframe and take control of it. To enter the Orb, all players must be downed at least once. The last one to be downed will be "eaten" by the Orb - it picks up the strongest/the one who lasted more. The Orb will trap the Warframe in its womb and continually spawn multiple specters of it to combat the other players. Specters copy the trapped player's mod and weapon loadout. The player who was "eaten" will be in Operator mode only, inside the Orb, and will have to fight sentients/whatever to disrupt the Orb in a dimensional subscape inside the Orb. Multiple resolutions inside the Orbscape: a stealthy approach should be possible, but triggering the alarm would turn it into capture-like. Failing to capture would make it like a Survival or Excavation. Failing it, the Warframe and Operator are spit out and this battle state resets to the beginning - but the Orb is closer to to the sattelite invulnerability timeout. The intent here is to make super offensive meta bruiser-offensive-tank frames like the MetaChroma become a super counter-threat. Those can still be brought to the fight, but the players will want to orchestrate which players let themselves be killed first to let one player in the Orb in Operator mode, while they fight the Warframe Spectre of that player. Solo variation - if there are no other players in the team, One Specter spawn inside the OrbScape. It respawns if killed, after a while. Frame-Link - The Orb has some seriously spooky technology that can receive the benefits of other Warframes mods, buffs and auras and even base stats. Bringing a tanky frame, and making a frame a bullet sponge will make the Orb a bullet sponge. Orb transmits received buffs like an Aura to Corpus minions. Negative stats also affect the boss negatively. The intent here is to twist the mod building/buffing logic by making the obvious mods also benefit the enemy, and have players look for creative builds where the buffs will not necessarily translate into actual combat advatages for the Orb and minions. Colosuss / Bust The Kneecaps - Disabling some piece of equipment requires finishers in addition to the Archgun. Which requires climbing the Orb fully or partially. Once legs become vulnerable, player must or should climb them and apply a finisher to a weakspot at the abdomen, face, mouth or on top of the head. It could be an optional move that causes a benefit, such as an Orb AoE that also kills Corpus minons, clearing the room, and gives it additional stun time for more damage. While latched, the frame becomes linked to the Orb, taking reduced damage from enemies. The frame should have improved climbing/latching moves to make this sequence interesting. Think Shadow of The Colossus. Spider Web-Grab - This is an enemy attack that can be countered with high risk/high reward. The Spider may shoot a web string on a frame, which is toppled tothe ground. The frame will become invulnerable, but the damage taken is accumulated while he is grabbed by the web. The spider starts pulling the frame in jolts towards it. The player has 3 to 5 attempts to hit a weakspot with reduced accuracy and constant wobble, with enough damage to break the web string. If the player breaks free, the Orb temporarily opens up a breach for being damaged. If he does not, the player takes the full damage at the end, in an AoE that may damage allies. The main inspiration here are the memorable, super tense tentacle drag scenes from Dead Space. Orokin GroundWorm Final Blow - remember the ground worms the player took control in the lore quest? It's about time we put them to good use again. Make it so the player can grab one of those in a cave and travel underground towards the Orb. Byt the time the Orb is in the final attack phase, the player must do a well-timed attack during a vulnerability stage to have the worm eat into the Orb to deal the final blow and kill it. If you guys have any other interesting mechanics ideas, post away.