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  1. The title pretty much summarizes the problem. A game problem is 'cursed' where there are 2 different mechanics that go against each other. Cursed problems are by definition unsolvable. UNLESS... Unless a compromise is made to accomodate the problems in a non-harmful way. But something must be given up to mitigate the problem. Warframe is a looter-shooter game, what makes the player come back to the game is the constant stream of new stuff, mostly warframes and weapons. Exalted weapons are anathema to this model, because they are embedded as a Warframe's power. The looter-shooter model requires some level of power creep, gentle as it may be, as a way to lure players back into the game, otherwise there is no point in hunting new weapons. But if a Warframe's Exalted weapon is the best in its class, why hunt for any other? But if there are weapons objectively better than the Exalted one, why bother with having an Exalted weapon in the first place? You see, those go against each other, in a cursed way. Currently, Warframe is falling squarely in the second bold question. Exalted weapons, especially melee, are blocked from using several mods. Their stats and mod points falling behind (with Kuva weaponns going up to level 40). They are more or less pointless, and becoming more pointless. This requires not only balancing, but some sort of compromise to dispel the curse. So, I have been thinking of what I could suggest. I DO NOT CLAIM ANY OF THESE IDEAS ARE GOOD. They are just ideas. Feedback is welcome. Option 1: spin them all off as Prime weapons, or a new class of equippable weapons, called 'Exalted' obviously. They would not have a button to cast, as they would be a weapon, but could have the associated energy cost, or a reduced one, and spend ammo, or just drain ammo over time in lieu of energy, or whatever. Problems: New abilities for slot 4 would have to be created for every frame. Every Exalted ability would have to be reworked. Advantages: New Exalted weapons could be designed and switched around. Frames could be limited to a small number of weapon classes, so not every frame can use every weapon, or just set them all free. Option 2: Turn the exalted weapon in just a buff ability that affects the weapons in hand to use a specific stance (if melee), and have additional effects. Problems: Abilities may become washed-out, generic, and less interesting. Potential loss of fun-factor. Advantages: Opens up variety of weapons equipped. Option 3: Exalted weapons become living weapons, that get stronger with every weapon of the same class that the player masters. (Every bow mastered gives a stat buff to Ivara's Bow, etc.) Problems: The anti-MR-related-mechanics brigade with come with torches and pitchforks. Takes a long time to max-out an Exalted weapon. Every time a new weapon pops up, raises the ceiling for that class, increasing the pressure on power creep. Advantages: Ties the looter-shooter loop with the Exalted Weapon, in a manner that even makes sense RPG-wise - the better you are within a class, the better you are with the Exalted weapon. Seems to be the one that requires the least effort to implement. BONUS MECHANIC: Regardless of what happens with Exalted weapons, they should have not only Exilus slots, but also mods that act as sideways stat changes. Want to rebalance an Exalted Weapon's crit chance and status chance? There should be a family of Exilus mods for that - only for Exalted weapons though. They should have a secondary effect to better justify their existence though.
  2. 1. The Kuva Larvling should just carry and use the weapon. 2. The Kuva Larvling, when downed, should float and glow for better visibility, so the player can't miss it. 3. The Kuva Weapon should float beside the Kuva Larvling, for the player to see the weapon, rather than a 2D billboard. 4. The Player could apply a Parazon finisher on the Weapon, to indicate he does not want it, destroying/dismissing it. Or to the Larvling, to create the Kuva Lich.
  3. It can be fit in a well-crafted situation where it would not be out of character. One example: If you are trying to fight her boss battle, but shoots while she is in an invulnerable phase, it would fit as a tongue-in-cheek comeback, as she adopted a mother role to care for the Tenno.
  4. What would be Warframe without some inside jokes? Warframe of course, but with less inside jokes. Devstreams always drop some gems, this is the a little golden nugget from 136th. "Momma don't wanna be tickled" Make Lotus say it!
  5. Fact of the matter is, the mod exists. Being a good or bad idea is a matter of opinion. Being a good or bad implementation is not. Any build with it is objectively inferior. There was no weapon exilus slot back when the mod was introduced. Depleted Reload is designed to make Vectis Prime be more like the original Vectis, a 1-bullet sniper. For it to fulfill this purpose without being an overall nerf, it should be an Exilus weapon mod.
  6. Depleted Reload still a useless mod, because it takes a slot resulting in a net nerf of Vectis Prime (any weapon really). It should be an Exilus Weapon mod.
  7. railjack: common to have changing from walking to archwing mode not working as intended. Walking on space, archwing inside ship. Archwing with Warframe weapons Archwing with no weapons Usually happens when more than one transition overlaps. Omni recall from exploding ship Slingshotting into exploding ship Slingshotting and immediately omni recalling etc. High lag host seems to exacerbate issues.
  8. If you teleport back to the Railjack and the Crewship blows up during the teleport animation, the screen goes all black in Railjack and stays like that.
  9. I havent see a note for "fixed infinite tunnel loading at mission end", which worries me, as rewards are being lost, because people are having to abort mission sometimes. .
  10. Still getting sometimes in railjack, an infinite loading at mission end, which forces to abandon, losing rewards. Maybe related to some players disconnecting willfully or by error at the time the host uses Navigation to select another mission or go back to drydock, or disconnections during the warp/loading screen.
  11. Infinite warp (loading) screen at Railjack mission end. Losing resources after the mission was complete, ahhhh the feeling. May be related to users leaving/disconnecting after the mission is complete, or in the middle of the warp.
  12. After some game time, as the game progresses, the space around the ship starts to not render partially, some triangles of the window glass become black. Maybe related to floating point precision in 32-bit address space too far frm the origin? Also, sometimes a turret shows up in the middle of the ship, it is a turret manned by one of the crew members. It does not cause damage inside, but has the looks and sounds of the ship's turret.
  13. Infinite loading screen at end of Empyrean mission. Host eventually left. After host migration, remaining players were still seeing the host's ship, and could do nothing. Everyone had to abort and lose rewards.
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