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Gaze Kitgun rate of fire vs magazine


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I finally got a Gaze-Bellows-Gibber kitgun going.  Right now, even though I've got the maximum capacity loader, it feels like I have to reload way too often for the beam weapon once I add Lethal Torrent unless I also have critical delay or Tainted Clip on it.  Below summarizes other beam weapons.



* Atomos - 8 fire rate, 70 magazine

* Synoid Gammacor - 12.00 fire rate, 80 magazine (60 for Gammacor)

* Nukor - 10 fire rate, 50 magazine

* Spectra - 12 fire rate, 60 magazine

* Cycron - 12 fire rate, 40 magazine


For a configuration that's supposed to maximize magazine size, it only has more magazine than the Spectra and Cycron, the second of which is noted for being too short on ammo (partially due to it's reload mechanic).  I'd propose bringing beams + loaders up to 71/60/49/35, which puts the 2 high capacity loaders near the highest capacity secondaries, and puts the lower capacity loaders closer to the Cycron and Nukor.

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