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well we could put this in the game play feedback...


But then again, for some reason people only care about weapon, Warframe, Skill and Animation (Yes, we got an animation post NOT inside animation feedback forum) in there. AND NOT A SINGLE MOD POST WAS CARE (mostly).


There are some mod that...not quite useful (Hand sprint, Anti toxic, Prime Chamber...),and other Mod can be better (Focus, Thunderbolt, Heavy Impact). And now, NM mod combine wish list



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1) There's no mod called 'hand sprint'

2) Antitoxin is great against infested

3) Primed chamber is amazing, charged chamber needs work.


4) Focus is balanced (could be a point or 2 cheaper IMO)

5) Thunderbolt is perfectly fine

6) Heavy Impact... i have to give it to you on this one, needs work


OH and 7, your spelling/grammar is atrocious.

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