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Going Beyond The Mod Capacity


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I was adding mods to the Shade sentinel (which I'd just built, so it's a low level) and had two extra spots for mods. Instead of adding one more mod, I fused the mods I already had. I was going to go add mods to some of my weapons before I noticed that the mods on my Shade were over it's current mod capacity, yet it still allowed me to keep them on my Shade. It also showed I had more room for mods (3). My Shade does not have a Reactor on it, so it's not like it gets double the ammount. Also upon fusing my mods, that's when space for mods was added to my Shade. I do have another sentinel (Wyrm) and as far as I know, this doesn't happen with it. This only happened to my Shade after the last update.



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There seem to be multiple bugs linked to this.


First, I had exactly the opposite compared to what you described :

I created a new volt, started modding it up (still rank 0). In the aura slot, I put my maxed rifle amp, increased the nb of slots to 14. Then added shield (3 after rounding up) and overload (5 after rounding up), which makes 10/14. But then I tried to up any of those mods, but it was refused, because it would exceed volt capacity... which it, of course, would not. Aura mod not taken into account? Rounding up not taken into account? I don't know, but still it's a bit annoying.


Btw, I bypassed this issue by unequiping the mods, upping them and putting them back in, so only the calculation during fusion seems affected by this issue.



Second issue I've had : went to Xini with my brand new,Volt, exped a bit and got lv5 from completion rewards. I get to the arsenal panel, and there Volt is only lv3. Maybe the completion reward wasn't added, which would be surprising, but still.


Thanks for taking these into consideration ! :)

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