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List of bugs I've found in-game


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I tried making a thread on Steam, but it seems that its not the place to report bugs, so I'll do it here


During fissure missions, the Corrupt enemies have a chance to spawn inside of walls.

On Solo fissure survivals, the Corrupt enemies seem to spawn less, therefore, making the reactant drops rarer.

Kitgun with a Catchmoon chamber can't hit enemies if they are ~6 meters away. The projectile would simply just either goes through the enemy or won't register the hit. (This seems to happen only in Free Roam) EDIT - it happens both in Free roam and regular missions

Also the Catchmoon has trouble hitting Arc Traps, Sensor Bars and Sentra Turrets.

Sometimes one-shotting an enemy with a silent weapon (not melee) has a chance to remove the stealth bonus that's been built up.

When disarming the Kuva Guardian, it has a delay where it would first do its attack animation and then randomly decides to drop its melee.

When mining and getting the "mining bar" into the white brackets, it wont give you the maximum amount of ore/gems, the amount seems to be random.

During infested Rescue missions, if the infested touch the laser, it sets off the alarm.


Now for Fortuna related bugs

Not really a bug, but the optimization of Orb Vallis is poor. It lags alot and has a random fps drop time to time. Slightly Fixed

Dropping a dye in water can cause it to fall through the map and consuming the dye in process.

When falling off the map in Orb Vallis, it always sends you back to Fortuna elevator, rather than the nearest spot you've fell off. FIXED

After doing some tricks on the K-Drive, there is a chance the scored points will just simply disappear. What I mean by that is I could drive off a tiny slope and all of it would just vanish.

Also the K-Drive randomly slips off when grinding.

Helios has trouble scanning Corpus Reinforcement beacons. It simply marks it via scanner and that's it. Sometimes it will scan it, but you gotta be very close to it. FIXED

Sometimes when entering a cave or a building, the map seems to have this weird camouflage effect.  EDIT: still not fixed

The map shows the undiscovered cave icon and discovered at the same time, making it kind of annoying to tell where's the entrance.


Newfound/Forgot to add bugs

The AI is really stupid. They seem to run to the objective, rather than fight. What I mean by that, is that they would literally would right past you just to set off the alarm or capture the tower etc. They should try to make them a bit smarter so they wouldn't run towards the enemy (us)

There are a bunch related to enemies setting of alarms:

Wardens in Rescue missions need to just look at the console to set off the alarm.

When you kill an enemy that is trying to set off the alarm, no matter how fast you are, they always seem to set it off.

The enemy seems to love setting off the alarm way too often. After disabling the alarm, they seem to try to do it again in the next room, which seems very annoying (see the 1st listed bug in the newfound ones)

When claiming a crafted item, there's a chance that a message will pop-up that'll say "Unknown error"

The latest update seem to have broken Nox. A level 30 Nox can kill a medium-tank frame with 2-3 hits plus the toxin status effect.

Garuda's 1 doesn't seem to stack with her Talons. I'm not sure if the current melee has to be unequipped in order for it to stack or what, but i'll consider it a bug.

Garuda's 4 is broken. It very often either deals barely any damage or no damage to close range enemies Even with a 100% bleed build.

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Added newfound/forgot-to-add bugs
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