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Nezha's Halo bug (with video)


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I've noticed on several occasions that Nezha's Warding Halo hasn't been working as it's supposed to. Nezha's Halo is supposed to provide 3 seconds of invincibility on cast and another second when it goes down. Somehow that didn't happen, and it cost me a 50 minute arbitration mission. I die as soon as my Halo goes down, no invincibility frames, just instant death without a moment to recast.

Even without my halo I shouldn't be going down, as I was running a full health umbral adaptation Nezha, so it is definitely a bug with his Warding Halo.

This bug has specifically happened to me versus infested such as Lephantis and an arbitration survival, so I'm not sure if it's faction specific, but that's some food for thought. 

I've provided a link to a video illustrating the problem:

Buggy Slippery Boi

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