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Arbitration Locked


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I just recently completed the two final nodes on Sedna that I hadn't done, and after double-checking have confirmed that the entire star map is free of pinging blue diamonds signalling uncompleted nodes.

The requirement to do an Arbitration Alert is that the entire star map be unlocked. That is exactly what I have. So I'd love to know why the alert remains inaccessible, in the menu but locked.

It's not that I've missed a node, because I haven't. I've gone over each planet three times now, remaining on them for a few seconds listening for pings, and I've seen and heard nothing.

As far as I'm aware there's no alternative way to confirm I haven't missed any nodes, but unless my game is bugged the star map is not showing any incomplete nodes.


Edit: Nevermind, as confirmed by a friend apparently the Derelict counts. I've only ever done Exterminate and Survival derelicts.

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Solution found
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