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  1. CC / CD imo since once it gets over 100% your damage is effectively increased by however high your crit damage is.
  2. Yes, Smeetas charm ability that increases all resources and affinity gained by x2 stacks. Coupled with your x2 resource booster effectively makes it a x8 buff.
  3. O-Okay. A simple damage boost isn't enough. You press it, it charges, you press it again, shoot and its gone... The ability is just plain bad. Mesa doesnt get increased damage with secondaries these are the passives that Mesa has. +15% fire rate with dual wielded sidearms, +25% reload speed for one handed sidearms, +50 health when a melee weapon is not equipped. I'd still prefer her current 2 rather than the one you proposed here. Who would want a 3 second buff ? Mesa's current 2 both gives increased damage and disarms enemies, i see no reason to change it. Mesa's current 2 That's her current gameplay with the extra step of waiting for her regulators to get to 100% also you said you played her before she got buffed ? If you're talking about when all she needed to do was stand on a defence pod and just have her 4 killing everything as they spawn cause that was how she was before her 4 got changed to a "reticle". Her current kit is fine the only problem i would say she as is with her 1; her 1 needs to be completely changed.
  4. you can't use ciphers in sorties
  5. Does that mean that if your Nyx has negative power strength their speed is increased like how it is with Novas Molecular Prime ?
  6. as its a new melee weapon type it has been shelved and will be released when melee 3.0 is released
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