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  1. hellodownthere

    Account dissapeared and cant login to create a support request

    well im in, dont know about you guys
  2. hellodownthere

    Kill wild animals riven challenge

    i just run around with ivara sleep arrow them then kill them
  3. hellodownthere

    Riven challenge not registering

    is the riven equipped on your shotgun when you're doing it ?
  4. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  5. hellodownthere

    Eidolon Hunters and Veterans

    reminds me of.... http://i.imgur.com/OOFRJvr.gifv
  6. hellodownthere

    Tennocon 2019 Date

    july most likely ~9-16
  7. hellodownthere

    When make mac version

  8. hellodownthere

    Weapons that I would love to see

    aren't they called charkarams, like nezha's 2 or 3 ?
  9. hellodownthere

    When will the revenant mask come back on ps4?

    just go to Nakak it should be there, only place you can get the mask is from Nakak in Cetus. Do the mini quest and then after it you get the main BP.
  10. hellodownthere

    Excalibur Prime Trailer - Lest We Forget...

    they aren't doing trailers anymore so i doubt they'll do one for him
  11. hellodownthere

    Sortie Oro lvl100

    but that's how you leave that fight, you leave from where you entered from, the WP on your minimap should've pointed that out unless the WP got bugged again. Or are you saying that it was hard to get out cause there was a current ? cause there shouldn't have been one and if there was then that's a bug
  12. hellodownthere

    primsa sobek,kohm,or boar

    Prisma Lanka
  13. hellodownthere

    Range stat??

    range is going to change in melee 3.0, this is from the latest devstream https://youtu.be/BJq9sAHsY84?t=42m11s i time stamped it when reb picks it up but ill show a pic of it too
  14. hellodownthere

    Wow, region chat ban for saying OwO.

    you need to remove the name (if thats the name of the mod) if you think a mod is abusing their power then report them to DE https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  15. hellodownthere

    The war within....

    just tell him to do it again if that doesnt fix it then make a ticket to support