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  1. hellodownthere

    Anyone else not know she was just called "Valkyr"

    yeah i've called her that (valk-ear) for as long as i remember, some of my friends call her valkyrie though it doesn't matter since i know what they mean.
  2. hellodownthere

    The Red Wind

    that's the energy color of your K-drive, if want to make it go away then you'll need to make it black (don't know if white will work but it might though)
  3. hellodownthere

    what to do with all that vitus piling up and sortie rewards

    spend the vitus on ember ayatan stars, costs 2 per star iirc
  4. hellodownthere

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Does that mean that if your Nyx has negative power strength their speed is increased like how it is with Novas Molecular Prime ?
  5. hellodownthere

    amp gild problem

    wisps ? think they need 2 wisps so gild cant remember havent made an amp in a long time
  6. hellodownthere

    Chat suspension: duration

    You wont get banned on here for that, this post might be either locked or removed but you wont get banned. Worst thing that could happen to you is that you get a warning point. On a side note i currently have a chat suspension for saying "i think Ticker is "happy"." just getting those vibs of him from the way he talks and carries himself, i said that and got my chat suspended. At least i get my suspension off when baro comes, not that it means anything since i think Baro wont even bring anything worthwhile (I do hope he does though)
  7. hellodownthere

    Where the heck is fortuna for xbox and PS4????

    wait for the bug testers (PC players) to get most of the bugs out for you guys then you get it
  8. Two words, server space. Don't think DE will waste server space on something most people won't use.
  9. hellodownthere

    Saita Prime Suit texture issues

    why are all image links broken for me ?
  10. hellodownthere

    Sortable mod menu

    would be nice, maybe shift+RMB could be the bind for it
  11. hellodownthere

    Loki Prime

    Loki Primes is in the vault and is not unvaulted, he was unvaulted earlier this year iirc so it might be another year or two before he's unvaulted again
  12. hellodownthere

    Can't advance to next rank (suda)

    build the chassis
  13. hellodownthere

    Garuda - That's Not How Reality Works.

    It does good damage, don't know how you think it doesn't but it does good damage and you dont need to hold it down thats only to give it even more damage. You can release it without holding it at all. works fine for me... try it If seeking Talons take too long to cast for you then use natural talent... ive grown tired of this, i dont want to spend 10 minutes typing something that will get ignored so...
  14. hellodownthere

    DE, FIX NIDUS' Larva Already!

    fixing bugs takes time, sometimes its an easy fix, other times it can take weeks. Be patient and wait for it. Nothing goes faster the more you yell at it.
  15. hellodownthere

    Mecha Overdrive appears to do nothing

    It says status link but i don't know from where... i assume that it links your melees status chance. Hope this bug gets resolved soon.