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  1. you need to wait for them to respond, don't make more than 1 ticket and don't spam the first ticket either just make the ticket and then wait however long it takes for them t respond to you.
  2. you know that Loki, Trinity, Mag and Rhino are also originals too yet they don't have a second deluxe either... also Ash is one too and he's getting another deluxe (which looks awesome)
  3. No because it was bugged, you weren't meant to get 4500 standing from that only 1000 which was why it was removed
  4. wait for the bug testers (PC players) to get most of the bugs out for you guys then you get it
  5. while i think that's true, you'd have to fail the login like 10-20 times
  6. what are you MR 26 ? (longest ive gotten was a 26h one but that was when i was MR 24 and im MR 25 now)
  7. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't it's like a 75% chance that it will cancel prowl. That's a guesstermation btw
  8. no its so one way to farm kuva does not supercede the other ways to farm it, if he asked to increase the amount of kuva dropped across the board (survival, siphon and flood) then i'd have no problem. Only increasing one way to get it is what i don't like
  9. you're not meant to use your amp in the MR24 test, this is a bug. If you have the amp it makes shooting the orb easy... like really easy, brood mothers and their maggots can't do anything when you have an amp
  10. no one wanted to play the sortie in public i guess
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