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  1. hellodownthere

    Warframe is on life support

    how can you compare Warframe to those games? None of those games are looter shooters , they're MMORPG's. Warframe is a quick paced game not that gamemodes the might take a long time are bad. Raids were removed because not many people played them and it was bug riddled all the time. better to remove them and make them more polished than keep a bug riddled mode that barely anyone plays
  2. hellodownthere

    How much I love WARFRAME but with some regret

    Well, Excalibur, Skana and Lato Prime aren't shown in the profile overview if you don't have them you can't see it in the total items leveled, so while i understand what you mean this is a non-issue. I could've been a founder as it ended ~4 months after i started playing, i don't regret not buying it, if i had another chance to get it i would but i believe thats because its really the only thing in Warframe that is truly exclusive. Yes Excalibur Umbra is better than it's prime counterpart but Umbra is mediocre, given to everyone that did The Sacrifice for free. cant think of anything else to say so ima end this here.
  3. hellodownthere

    Is there a better way?

    Casting cost for Nekros doesn't matter, use Despoil so Desecrate uses health instead of energy, When you're low dash into Nekros with Vazarins Protective Dash that way it doesn't deactivate.
  4. hellodownthere

    Is there a better way?

    You can go Nekros, use Vazarin for Protective Dash and go in some resource farming groups. I'm sure that'd work fine.
  5. hellodownthere

    Transfer of Warframe account from PS4 to Nintendo Switch HELP

    the account migration is for PC only as far as i know
  6. hellodownthere

    Helminth Charger Loyalty Drain Issue

    Loyalty (Affection) Loyalty refers to the Kubrow's affection towards the player, and affects its combat performance. All Kubrows start out with 100% Loyalty, which provides a +100% bonus to the Kubrow's base attack damage. Loyalty decays by 20% on days the player has not logged in. Loyalty decays by 40% when the Kubrow dies in combat. Loyalty does not decay if a Kubrow is killed after its owner has been killed. Lost Loyalty can be restored using the Interact function on the Incubator, where the Tenno plays with their Kubrow. Doing so will restore 20% Loyalty per interaction. Loyalty can only be restored up to 3 times in a 24-hour server cycle. However, players can interact with their Kubrow as many times as they wish.
  7. hellodownthere

    Surprise Surprise, Host Migrations STILL Broken

    Warning - No warning will ever happen because a host migration occurs when the host disconnects, don't know how you can make a warning for that. If you want this not to happen host the game yourself, that way host migrations won't happen. Reason - Old host disconnected from game, or you did. I had bad internet last year, i kept getting host migrations because my internet spiked extremely high for ~5-10 seconds every ~10 minutes or so. It wasn't a real host migration as i could join back, so it could also be a problem with your internet. But i think it's because of this... old host dies, host leaves, host migration, everyone leaves. is that correct ? I feel for you if that's the case Loot - The game doesn't save loot from missions as you get it, i think it works that way in the Plains and i assume Fortuna too but it doesn't work that way for the other missions. When a host migration occurs and you stay in the mission with the new host, you keep the loot you've obtained. Whereas if you disconnect from the game and get sent back to your orbiter, you get nothing. It's because that it's considered a failed/abandoned mission. I don't know if it changes the quit/failed mission stat in your profile so i might be wrong. EDIT: i dont think this should be in the bug subforum btw as it isn't a bug
  8. hellodownthere

    Problematic Riven Challenge

    My way of doing this might take a while but at least it works. Use an Ivara prowl build, go to Adardo - Sedna (Sedna exterminate), get max energy, active prowl, whenever you see an enemy use your noise arrow to group them up and then lead them room to room until you have the required number of enemies present. Use either her Artemis Bow or an Amprex so you shoot for as little time as you can but get a lot of AoE damage out. Using a wall latch mod will help a lot too Edit: you can use Castanas as well, throw some around them where they're grouped up and activate when you're wall latching
  9. hellodownthere

    Tenno Appearence reverting to pre update

    it was a mistake because it wasnt ready at that time, it will come back but when its finished
  10. when you see the dev workshop about it you'll know its close.
  11. hellodownthere

    So... today's a server upgrade... I wonder why...

    i hope it releases tomorrow or the day after, mainly because they can fix more bugs
  12. hellodownthere

    my Scanners Disappearing from gear

    you got a helios sentinel ?
  13. hellodownthere

    MOD search option is heavily bugged.

    can't view the imgur links
  14. hellodownthere

    Staring into space pondering cosmic mysteries

  15. hellodownthere

    Prime Warframes Revamp

    ankyros prime ?