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  1. Does that mean that if your Nyx has negative power strength their speed is increased like how it is with Novas Molecular Prime ?
  2. as its a new melee weapon type it has been shelved and will be released when melee 3.0 is released
  3. please stop posting like that, copy paste then make it plain text please.
  4. OP: Good afternoon gentlemen of Digital, I wanted to contact you because I did not receive the ash prime that I had to receive to see the stream. I commented that I started watching 10 minutes before the stream, when the Transmission started I was present and when I finished too , also I had my twitch account linked to Warframe and I still do not receive the WARFRAME Ash Prime. I'm waiting for your answer soon. Reply: I was not at the event, I did see it on twitch. Also, I had my account linked, I also saw the entire broadcast and I did not receive ash prime. Second reply: I was not at the event, I saw it on twitch. In addition, I had my account linked, I also saw the whole transmission and did not receive the first prize. EDIT: Oh this got merged with a thread. Above is what __-aRrOw-__ said but it was typed in notepad so it went off of the screen.
  5. Pherliac Pods Blueprint Enemy Name Blueprint Drop Chance Chance Juggernaut 10.00% Very Common (100.00%) Juggernaut Behemoth 10.00% Very Common (100.00%) Jack O'Naut 10.00% Very Common (100.00%) all i can say is bad luck and keep trying
  6. ok then here. There are 1 million Camels that roam wild Australia's Deserts - the largest number of purebred camels in the world
  7. Australia has the world’s longest golf course measuring more than 850 miles (1367.94 km) long
  8. im going to post here every day with a random fact (most of which are about aus). Today's random fact is The Great Barrier Reef (Australia) is regarded as the world's largest living organism, and is often listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.
  9. Is this that but not that cause if this was that then that would be that too. It's strange how this can be that but that can be that while this and that could be them... Really makes you think
  10. don't worry they'll fix it as soon as they can
  11. i take it that support will still take tickets for this after this is implemented. For those that lose access to their email and need to change it
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