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Failed extraction and subsequently stuck in mission on Lua


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After completing the crossfire mission on Lua, I attempted to extract from the mission. (there is also the issue of oculysts not spawning but thats been highlighted before)

The load screen appeared and I alt+tabbed out of the game thinking everything was fine, however the game placed me back at the extraction zone of the mission and I could not do anything to fix it (aborting did not work).

Enemies were still spawning as usual, but there was no counter for how many kills I needed.

Weapons, Warframe and Operator abilities all worked like in a regular mission as well.

HUD items such as energy and ability bars were also missing, but chat and the escape menu functioned as normal (except the ability to abort the mission).

Screenshots of bug:


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It was surely the alt tabbing out while it was loading. Windows tried to shuffle stuff from memory to virtual memory since WF was no longer the program in focus and that fought with loading the end screen to go back to the orbiter and something just got lost. DE might or might not be able to do anything about it. I'd just avoid tabbing out when on loading screens.

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