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  1. Hobie-wan

    Silly idea for a Silly item

    And now that's added.
  2. Hobie-wan

    10 minute cool-down on archwing weapons?!

    The patch notes are also announced on the news panel in the ship. Granted they do drop off of there eventually.
  3. Hobie-wan

    Silly idea for a Silly item

    They need to make a Corpus boot trophy blueprint first. 😛 But then I'm on board.
  4. Hobie-wan

    Wisps: The soul crushing farm. A suggestion.

    There are only a few places where maprico trees spawn right on the edge of the water, so if you learn those you can know if there's a resource box on the edge of the water, it is a wisp.
  5. Hobie-wan

    Warping ahead in Spy Mission

    Of course.
  6. Hobie-wan

    Warping ahead in Spy Mission

    It's just a glitch in the piecing together of the map that has created a fake dead space. The game then thinks you fell into a pit and it just happens that it also thinks the last solid ground you were on is near vault B. I've had it happen a few times in different maps. It's a bit like having the random blocks of garbage that are from other tiles that seem to happen more in Corpus ship missions too.
  7. Hobie-wan

    Health Very Low

    Do you have a Dragon Key on?
  8. Hobie-wan

    Sentients on Lua not spawning

    I had a couple more runs last night with no spawns despite rushing ahead as soon as they were announced.
  9. Hobie-wan

    Stalker Glitching, Inaccessible and Inescapable

    Without a screenshot of where he ended up, it's going to probably be impossible for them to try and fix anything. Just keep killing bosses, Stalker will visit you again. It's very likely you'd have gotten a Dread, which drops frequently from him.
  10. Hobie-wan

    Mastery Rank Up 24 Hour Wait

    You can practice in Simaris' room.
  11. Hobie-wan

    Ineligible due to "Inactivity"

    Were you standing still without walking for an extended period of time? If so, that's why.
  12. Hobie-wan

    Warframe crash my PC, when I'm open up Warframe

    Up to date on video drivers and other windows updates? If you look in windows Event Viewer around the time Warframe locks up are there any warnings or errors in the application or system of windows logs? Dunno what else to suggest.
  13. Hobie-wan

    Warframe crash my PC, when I'm open up Warframe

    Try verifying your game cache from the launcher.
  14. Hobie-wan

    Typo (By the way, you need a typo report thread)

    Yup, that worked.
  15. Hobie-wan

    Please remove grineers' aggro towards condrocs

    I'm sure it's under orders from Vay Hek. They are breathing his air, after all.