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  1. Perhaps there's an undocumented limit to the number of stored imprints? Do you have a bunch you made before?
  2. Did you run out of lives and just waited for the others to finish? Did you stand still (even if shooting and using abilities) and get marked AFK?
  3. If you don't have an active quest, he quiets down quite a lot other than telling you stuff is done in the foundry.
  4. You need to complete the quest and get the regular collar first. It is required. Once you've done that you'll be able to equip the pet and set the prime collar. Really the prime collar is more of a cosmetic item that has the little bonus on it a bit like the original arcane helmets.
  5. Yeah, the biggest thing it needs which would fix many issues is simply having a directional beep like the mining tool.
  6. That popup has nothing to do with Railjack. You can't buy wreckage slots to increase that 30 amount. That is telling you that you don't have a slot to claim something from the foundry.
  7. @Quantical Some nasty artifacts in your profile picture. Most noticeable around the smaller grooves on the top of your frame's helmet.
  8. On a maybe related, maybe not note, I talked to Roky last night and she was all shiny and chrome much like that while in the 'shop'. I hadn't needed to talk to her in a while and I didn't leave and recheck if it was repeatable or not.
  9. Those look to be the same ones missing from my codex as well despite much time spent there with Helios.
  10. Did you put them in your gear wheel? If they are there, maybe try removing them, backing out of the arsenal, then go put them back in.
  11. Try unchecking bulk download in the options.
  12. TYPE: In-Game. DESCRIPTION: Profile does not list Necramech anywhere. VISUAL: [] REPRODUCTION: Check the vehicle (and other) sections of one's profile for the Necramech progress. It isn't shown. The Necramech guns do show with the archguns though. EXPECTED RESULT: Necramech listed under vehicles. OBSERVED RESULT: Necramech not listed under vehicles. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  13. Try turning off Bulk and/or Aggressive download.
  14. Does it actually stick? That might be cool to have a stark white board like the people that have the scrambled skin Liset stuff going on.
  15. There's a separate part for RJ keybinds. Have you checked there?
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