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  1. Odonata prime and Volt prime are in the vault. So of course that relic hasn't been for sale.
  2. Had it happen with a pub sortie group last night. People moved off and back on the ending tile a bit and it finally went.
  3. That's just slacking. Even if you don't drive yourself nuts with straight hours of farming cryotic, just 1 mission each day that you have an hour or more to play will add up.
  4. Well, the offer information did state it ended on 12-24. There were workarounds to prevent spending all that time redownloading the whole game again as well. Sucks you didn't see them.
  5. (as long as we're all having fun here) Clearly those trees were vampires, and thus had no shadows (or reflections). In the time since this thread was created, they have long since turned to ash and new normal trees have grown in their place.
  6. I've had a few weapons where one spot said I'd mastered them and another did not. Thankfully I still had them so I just took them on a few more missions and the unfinished spot caught up and showed maxed as well. Of course if you no longer have them, making new ones will be annoying in your case. If you want to ask support, take screenshots of the disagreeing displays and submit a ticket from the main WF site with them.
  7. Every one of your posts is overreacting about bugs in the game. Yes they are annoying, but you fly off the handle every time. I suggest you find a way to deal with your issues or go do something else with you time.
  8. They wanted them to be shorter and faster. It turned out to be harder than they thought. Also Glassmaker started on May 12, 2020. That's not over a year. Things in the world going to crap and being stuck at home just make it feel like it's been that long.
  9. There's definitely the oddness with counting in places, but yeah. Anyway, glad you are on the same page and no formas were harmed.
  10. Your video doesn't show you checking in inventory before applying for all forma types and after again though, unfortunately.
  11. I submitted a ticket a while back because I had gotten the skins, but not the syandana. I had gone back to just playing through Steam after initially redeeming the set. Support said to log into the game through Epic. I did and it updated and gave me the syandana when launching there. Switched back to Steam again and everything is fine. So if you had redeemed it and only got some of the items and have been launching through Steam or standalone since then, launch through Epic one more time and see if it catches up.
  12. To expand further, rivens for single versions of weapons do not work on dual versions of weapons and vice versa. This applies to everything, not just furis vs dex furis.
  13. Credits, endo, and other like stackables will be be there under the main credit (or whatever) item on the end screen. Hover over credits and if you got then, you'd see credits/boosted/cache broken down.
  14. This has been broken for a long time. If you're already looking at someone's profile and click to view another player's profile from chat without leaving the first one, ESC stops working. I was checking someone before trading with them, but I did manage to get out of it without relogging. I told them to go to their dojo, but they left the group when they did so. They invited me, which of course I couldn't hit ESC to click. But I clicked my icon in the upper left and when the loadout/profile thing opened, I could see the accept to join them at their dojo. Once in their dojo my ESC started
  15. Go check your forma count in your inventory by looking at all types of forma. There are a few places where the forma count includes aura/umbra ones and others do not IIRC. It might have been incorrectly counting umbra or aura forma when looking at the mech (at least for the count) but not when looking at the fluctus.
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