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  1. Did you go back to the elevator into Fortuna? If you used the ESC menu, that's why as it counts as aborting the mission.
  2. No thanks on adding quick time events. Changes that don't involve this could be ok. On a related note, I really do hate being knocked down by a plains thumper only to be immediately knocked down a second time when it is tossing shockwaves around.
  3. Maybe check your file cache from the launcher.
  4. The marks do stack. So if you kill a boss 10 times because you were farming frame parts, you will get 10 marks. Each visit where one of you kills the other will remove 1 mark from this invisible list. Stalker will only mail you if you dispatch a boss when you currently have no marks for them.
  5. That doesn't make any sense. The exploiter fight doesn't start unless you use the thermia in the machine.
  6. Had the guy fall through the map too on Friday. He had wandered into the room through the box there. I was dropping strangledomes and then leaving the room to clear mobs and then noticed he was plummeting away 1000+ meters at some point. We got lucky and he was still alive and eventually repopped in the room. Definitely a hole somewhere in that part of the map that he got into or went off the catwalk.
  7. I'm not totally sure, but I seemed to get less vitus on the arbitrations I ran over the weekend as well compared to previous weeks as well. I wasn't particularly farming it though, so I didn't keep a close eye.
  8. The only issue is that it is showing 61. It stopped at 60 and that's it. Like everything else but a certain sword, it stops at 30. It's 30 plus 30 prestige.
  9. I thought the bursas mostly seemed to be doing nothing on the 3 runs I did the other night.
  10. Decoder? Are you in another language setting and that's a cipher for hacking a door console? If so, did you put them in your gear wheel?
  11. Indeed, unless you like spam, I'd remove your email so web bots don't grab it. Though 11 hour later it may be too late.
  12. There's absolutely no way you could play the game with screen controls even if it weren't a complete waste of time to develop it.
  13. Hobie-wan


    It is not. Everything else that requires plat to purchase is decoration or extra. You don't need palettes, skins, syandanas, or animations to play the game. You could painfully get away with ranking up just about everything without extra slots, but it isn't realistic to do so really. Slots are the only virtually guaranteed plat sink. Everything else has a wide variance on desirability from person to person.
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