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  1. Melting into traces is suggested often, but I will keep upvoting it until it happens.
  2. Yes, because the artists and FX programmers work on the math and balancing aspects of the game too. ... wait.
  3. Growing plants in there for use in apothics and other things could be cool. It could be like the extractor mechanic. You have to have the plant scans completed in your codex, build a hydroponic setup, and check it every X hours for random plant loot and then restart it. Even if it took a little bit of resources to restart it.
  4. I see it happen a lot in fissure missions. For sure I know it happens with some already converted enemies that get too close and should be tied up. I'm not sure about ones that bamf in as that's more chaotic and I'm more likely to whack them with melee immediately.
  5. More cheevos is cool and all, but they need to fix the syncing of the ones that are there first. I have the Dargyn hijack one done in game, but Steam still doesn't reflect it. I know there are lots of others where people have the same issue where Steam never got the memo that one or more were done.
  6. The dojo is the vacation home/tinker garage/clubhouse.
  7. You either didn't read my post carefully or didn't understand it. From the way DE doesn't want to automate the foundry and trading, they want people to actually be active in the game. Having emails like the OP wants would allow people to be more passive and only when they're 'called for dinner'. If a player is actively checking places of information or logging into the game to check out changes and additions, they're more likely to be invested and play. Though I imagine most people would tend to ignore the emails even if they signed up for them anyway. It's just what tends to happen unless you're really excited about the thing you signed up for reminders in the first place and probably check up on top of any email notices.
  8. I swear I commented on someone else posts a while back about this, but can't find it now. Prosecutors that have been tied up by Khora's #2 still cause a knockback stun when you attack them with melee. They aren't blocking you as they're stuck, so this shouldn't happen. I wonder if it happens when Venari ties them up or say Ivara sleeps them as well.
  9. Another solo clan that has researched everything but Ignis Wraith and the rail stuff, checking in.
  10. DE want players that are active in the game. Playing the game regularly and noticing a patch downloaded and also checking the news panel in the ship is being active. Checking the forums and social media things is active. Letting emails come that realistically, most people with ignore even if they signed up to receive them is not active.
  11. Something going on with the motherboard might have caused your original memory issues perhaps. Pull up Event Viewer in Windows, open up the Windows Logs section and check Application and System for errors and warnings in recent times and specifically around the time of the Warframe crash. See if it gives you any clues.
  12. Just because that crazy lich put a sticker that says "I ❤️ My Sniper" on the side of it doesn't make it a real sniper. Geez Ordis.
  13. Next people will be wanting fireball storms and blood altars in their orbiters. IT WILL BE ANARCHY! Put the moonless skin on your kavat and that'll be more or less like Venari.
  14. Did you visit every room in the mission? Even little closets and hidden rooms? If not, that's going to be why you missed them. Then get set to a room when the level is generated and if you just run straight to the exit, there's a chance you'll miss them.
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