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  1. Maybe going into and out of spoiler mode will work instead of dying in the mean time.
  2. You guys know that sections of the internet between you and what you're connected to affect the speed of things too right? Unless you're plugged into the same hub in the same room as the thing you're connected to, there are other computers and transmission lines passing the information along and any problems on that path can slow things down.
  3. Are you trading with shady players for plat?
  4. I did Gradivus Mars with no issues the first day of the intermission, FWIW.
  5. Hobie-wan

    Courier ships

    It doesn't help with your problem, but for future picture linking, if you right click on the picture when looking at your links above, choose "copy image location" if you're in Firefox, or there will be something similar in other browsers. Then click the "insert image from URL" button and paste in there and you'll get this:
  6. No you cannot. It has to be Nidus or a ripe juicy moist cyst with a waggling hair that is at least a week old.
  7. It is still better than the regular glaxion though. That's power creep. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Glaxion_Vandal
  8. Your own personal little black rain cloud of sorts.
  9. I admit that I don't feel like reading a wall of text at the moment, but games that have things added to them over the years are just going to have power creep. Just like economies will always have inflation. Could it possibly be avoided with more planning? Maybe, but development would likely slow to a crawl to where the game would wither and die before it could be implemented.
  10. The first looks like host/client issues possibly caused by lag that broke spawning and that video is 8+ months old. The latter looks like you hit an errant 'pit' that respawned you as you were doing the stealth kill. Neither relates to this topic.
  11. Being taxied doesn't unlock nodes. You have to unlock the one leading up to others yourself.
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