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  1. Hobie-wan

    Weekend Wars: A Counter Please

    There's a stat for how many Grineer you've dispatched since you started your account, but not how many lancers you've done since Friday.
  2. Hobie-wan

    Older Steam Packs

    Grattler makes that one a breeze.
  3. Hobie-wan

    Eudico Missing??

    Can't a lady step away to the restroom in peace? Geez. That is odd though.
  4. Hobie-wan

    Affinity/Xp gains not working right

    Missions with XP bundles for objectives also spread the XP evenly across your equipment. So if you capture a target or hack a spy vault, that gives you XP on everything. This is a useful way to level up a weapon to 30 that you really hate without using it even if you're playing solo. But if you're solo or out range on something like an extermination mission and don't use a certain weapon, it won't gain any XP during the mission.
  5. Hobie-wan

    Okay so a few glaring game breaking issues

    Like that other thread, what is this doing in feedback? This is a silly discussion that belongs in general, though with a non misleading title.
  6. Hobie-wan

    Warframe - First person shooter? Or Ultimate BDSM? You decide!

    How is this feedback? I mean if you want to have a silly discussion over in general mayhem, fine. But this doesn't go here.
  7. Hobie-wan

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions Report!

    Obviously things aren't and never will be perfect, but the steps toward improving things are appreciated. If you drop an f bomb because something happened and you lost some sweet loot or you just missed a nitain alert, it isn't a big deal. If you go on a tirade and keep dropping bombs left and right, a mod will tell you to chill out if they see it (and leave the person in chat). I've seen it happen plenty of times in the past, at least on PC where I play. The problem with that rule if you consider it as black and white is that they could make it no profanity where any word deemed to be so would be removed or get a kick/ban or they could not have the rule and there would be people using f bombs every other word. So we have a reasonable kind of middle ground leeway even though it says "No profanity". If they tried to clarify how it is actually treated it then they'd have to say "No extended string of profanities", "Only occasional profane outbursts", or "You are allowed no more than 3 profane words in a 1 hour period". That would be even worse to understand if people even read it. But lots of people don't even pay attention to that block of text that appear when chat loads at all since problematic people can't even follow the cut and dried "No Spamming" and "Be Respectful" parts.
  8. Hobie-wan

    The Eye of Sauron on Dargyns?

    Surely not a bug, just tricky. If you catch it raining, that decreases awareness of enemies, so would give you more ability to avoid being seen by Dargyns.
  9. It would be nice if a trade will let you buy slots on the fly like the foundry does when collecting items. I Had to abort a trade, buy slots, then trade again and dig the 5 mods back out for my part of the trade.
  10. Hobie-wan

    First-person mode in Warframe?

    Of course they can, exemplified by their work on the Unreal Tournament games. This is something different.
  11. Hobie-wan

    Cannot utilize Taxon I crafted.

    Did you retrieve it from your foundry?
  12. Hobie-wan

    Relic Inventory Management

    Indeed, a little V or something on the vaulted ones like you get a mastered mark on gear has been brought up time and time again and would go a long way for QOL.
  13. Hobie-wan

    Smeeta kavat and fetch

    Likewise, on weapons the elemental mods do the pair combining in the same order from top left.
  14. Hobie-wan

    Things I like and dislike as a new player

    As for what gear is good for what enemies, there is the wiki, but in game if you use scan enemies, then add information to the codex in your ship. That will eventually tell you how much health, strengths and weaknesses enemies have, as well as the mods they can drop. Regular scanners are available from the market console and synthesis scanners are available from Simaris in relays.
  15. Hobie-wan

    Orbiter, Infested room.

    They mean the module that looks like a tanning bed behind the chair.