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  1. That could like up with Rhino stomp and such too, yeah.
  2. Very old bug that happens a lot less than it used to, but still pops up every now and then where 2 tiles clash and overlap.
  3. Are you sure it wasn't just because they were caught in the dome? Other enemies with special statuses and things like manics and prosecutors will be bound up in their invulnerable state, perhaps they were stuck under similar circumstances?
  4. You are mistaken or there was an error. They must be different species.
  5. Yeah, definitely still a problem, just a slightly different one.
  6. I had that happen Sunday night too when I went to check the new NW stuff quickly upon login.
  7. The map marker is still pointing you to the mixer which you just finished. So it's likely that the problem is actually that the map wasn't updating to show you the correct place to go. The drone might have been in one of its spawn locations just fine.
  8. 10 over the course of a week isn't a big deal. Even if you are a strange person who only does 1 syndicate, doesn't play for hours a day, and avoid ones like interception. Even then you could recover it and pick up more later. You don't need to pick up any medallions to get credit for the task. And as always, you do not need to do every challenge to get all of the 30 levels of rewards done.
  9. Check or reload drivers. Check Event Viewer for anything right before or after the restart. It could also be heat related or hardware that's failing.
  10. Probably need to submit a ticket for that one. Go to the main site under support.
  11. If you really can't get it done, transmute as you said, trade it to someone else for one you can do, or get an unveiler from Teshin. We didn't even have the latter option until recently.
  12. So you have no sense of discovery and figuring things out on your own? Some of us like a little bit of that. Games that hold your hand every tiny little step of the way aren't fun to me. Plus a lot more things are explained or have hints to bring attention to them than most people give credit. Lots of players just don't click on stuff and read or pay attention to visual and audio clues the devs put in the game. If you don't want to give things a try, then that's fine. Read the patch notes or wait on new stuff you've never seen before until the wiki or some video guide spells it out for you.
  13. Hmm, you build parts and then assemble them like moas in Fortuna. Granted I just leveled up the complete ones that dropped from sisters instead of making my own, but seems like that should be saying it is whatever specific part it is, not just "hound".
  14. It's probably tricky to nail down what's happening. I've only ever seen a drone get stuck once. It was in a group years ago right after PoE came out. Granted I usually do stuff solo, but the worst I occasionally see it pausing and twisting for just a second or two at a fallen tree or choke point between rocks or that shallow crossing on the stream.
  15. Indeed, if you're having trouble with them, just get a group, kill them, and never stab another larva or candidate again. Since everyone's lich or sister is on the same railjack mission now, it'll be easy to get a pub group so you have help to finish them off.
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