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Excessive stutter workaround for AMD Ryzen 2400g Vega 11


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AMD Ryzen 2400g with integrated Vega 11 graphics. Windows 10, 32 GB of memory. Asus Prime B350 Plus.

Motherboard settings have UMA Buffer size which is the integrated graphics "dedicated" memory. Motherboard settings for UMA Buffer size can go as low as 64 MB, but can only go up to 2 GB.


UMA buffer size = 64 MB, with this tiny amount of memory, the game can use up to 3.7 GB of shared GPU memory with almost no stutters, good. This integrated graphics have no slowdown on Shared GPU memory and can still get 60-80 FPS at 1920x1080 in Fortuna.

UMA buffer size = 256 MB, lots of micro-stutter everywhere in the game.

UMA buffer size = 2 GB, works fine for most missions, but game stutters heavily in Fortuna / Orb Vallis. The game also fails to use more then about 2 GB dedicated + 0.6 GB shared GPU memory.


Is the constant moving of data between shared and "Dedicated" GPU memory the cause of this stuttering?

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