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Mecha set is very inconsistent


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By watching how enemies are affected & Mecha Pulse's armor bonus, I've noticed that the effects of the set and its mods often don't reach the listed range, don't usually affect enemies around the target with the shared status proc even if theyre standing in the same spot, kills done to the marked target by the Kubrow usually don't count, and Mecha Pulse may over- or under-buff the player when counting enemies in range of the marked target when the target is killed. I've also noticed (though it's happened for a long time now) that plain melee attacks done by beasts towards a target (stationary or otherwise) will often miss in cases they should've obviously hit. Not 0 damage, just nothing, as if their melee range is flawed.

All of this observed in both simulacrum and in tileset & open world missions.

Also, completely unrelated, Tekko is improperly placed on the frames' hands. The grip should be in their grip, but the weapon is too far forward on their hand so it's in front of the curled fingers. The little finger grooves and the shape of the weapon lead me to believe that part is not a knuckle guard (the curved slashy bit should be), and if it were, it's still improperly placed. Fix it and you'll make all 5 Tekko users happy.?

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