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Nyx's Absorb Skill Bugged?


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so while i was playing narcissus with some clanmates i tried using my absorb key multiple times around clusters of enemys they acted as if i wasnt existant for the duration they only huddled around me and stood there once absorb ended they immediately began to focus fire on me im not sure if this is a bug or not but it doesent seem normal.

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- Nyx - Nyx's Absorb still fails to hit several of the enemies beside me attacking the shield, even when the damage is well over the necessary to kill some of the ancients further away from me but leaves runners and such that are right beside me un-scathed.
- Nyx - Absorb's surrounding shield FX disappears just over half way through the animation.

Is having a range in which the total damage is consistent in that area instead of damage trailing off once you get further away from Nyx seen as quite a lot the enemies just run straight past and are not even agro'd, Having a definite range such as rhino's ultimate seen as in lots of cases with her not drawing that much agro (maybe bug?)  her damage does not exceed others ultimates that have say 20 in game meters definite range. 

Cheers :) Keep up the good work DE
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