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"Enemy" confusion for AI in Sortie Defense - Casta (Ceres)


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I was doing the sortie today, and the second mission had a bug I've never seen before in one of these missions. The first time I tried, I was in public, and a guy gave the operative this super-powered Atomos. All fine, until we started getting instantly floored on occasion from what I assume was chained radiation procs from the atomos. Also, I noticed that on at least one occasion the operative aimed his atomos directly at me and attempted to kill me. Needless to say, we lost.

I decided to try again in solo, hoping that it was some weird thing with the atomos and that the operative would behave himself. That didn't happen. A few times I saw him firing his lato at me. One time during the mission, I (as Inaros) used dessication, and it affected the operative. I then fired my arca plasmor at an enemy behind him, and I downed the operative with my own attack. Desiccation did not affect the operative (that I noticed) any other point in the mission.

The operative was usually behaving normally, but the game AI seemed to just go haywire sometimes. In the same missions, I also saw summoned hyekka fighting the grineer for no reason.

In both cases, upon failing the mission the game never got past the loading screen and I just killed it manually. My computer also got unusually hot while sitting on the loading screen, and I have no idea why. I don't really want to make my computer burn itself up to see if it reproduces a third time, so this is all I've got.

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I figured out the first part of this. I didn't know that radiation procs cause confusion, which was what was happening. The sortie had radiation hazard, which was causing the operator + atomos to shred us, and for the enemeis to attack one another.

As for why I was stuck at the loading screen, I have no idea. Regardless, due to the vagueness of the bug that caused the loading issue and the fact that the title is focusing on what I now realize is working as intended, I recommend that this bug thread be closed. I don't see a way to do it myself.

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