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Nidus Skins

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Hey fellow Tenno!

I have recently picked up Nidus, and I gota say, I love the frame! but, when I look at his skins and helmets, there is not alot there... why? I know that a new alt helmet will be released soon, but I'm talking about tennogen skins and helmets, why is it that the frame we love so much, doesn't get skins or helmets? 

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On 2018-11-19 at 5:17 PM, (XB1)Apexsea2004 said:

Image result for nidus skinscause the night hunter skin looks dope yo

Actually that skin is coming , DE just request that the artist remove the cloth on the face . 

also the syandana or however its spelled lol . I think they wanted it made a little smaller as well. 

and the head less bat like . 



Also the new alt helm DE just shared on fb the other day looks amazing . 

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