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Operator school charge abilities not resetting upon return to Fortuna/Cetus (Fortuna 24.0.8)


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Alright, this has actually been the case for a while, so it's nothing new, but with the coming of Fortuna and spending a lot of time in the Vallis I feel it should be reported (and I would assume it has been before, but I can't find other threads at the moment).

The issue is regarding operator abilities such as Vazarin's Mending Soul, which gives you a certain amount of charges of a certain effect, in this situation instant revives. The problem arises when you start consuming those charges as they do not reset as you would expect upon returning to Fortuna and then heading out for a fresh session afterwards, in this case you will still be stuck with whatever leftovers you had left from the previous run and only by leaving the Vallis and then leaving Fortuna back to your lander will you reacquire your charges, which is a little annoying when you are running with friends, having to reform every now and then.

To recreate: Simply go to the Vallis with a group, consume ability charges on either warframe or operator. Return to Fortuna and then head back out into the Vallis again with the same group without having disbanded or left Fortuna.

I've also observed this being the case for the Plains, but haven't been there so much recently.

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