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WTB > [Vasto] CC+MS+DMG-FlightSpeed Riven!


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Must Have:

+Critical Chance
+Multishot (160% at least)
-Projectile Flight Speed

Not Interested In Other Stats/Combinations!
Paying Well For The Right Stats!

You can either reply here, send a forum message or in game. IGN.: --TK--Biga_

Thanks in advance!

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19 minutes ago, Gr1mjaw said:

just asking, if you don't mind telling, but lets say you found the "Perfect" (+CC +multi +dmg -fs) vasto(or akvasto?) rivenmod, will you be spending a fak ton of plat like 6-8k to get it or around 2-4k ?

Depends on the %s of the stats, and the seller of course. For example, I bought this riven for 10k back then, so I might spend a fak ton of plat on them.
Also, I don't have to say that everyone is greedy AF, no one wants to pay a lot and everyone wants to get the most. That's what negotiation is meant for.

Edited by --TK--Biga_
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