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Hunt bug: 1 animal 4 catches


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It is a bit tricky, found yesterday with a clan member, i'll try to explain at my best.
It works like that, put an animal to sleep, someone captures it. The person that touched the animal has to stai still and don't get out of the capture scene. Then one of the others has to shoot the animal and put it to sleep again (doesn't work with ivara if the animal is already catched once) while it is flying on the "baloon" and it will come back on the ground granting another catch. You can do it for each member on the team, but only if eac person after capturing stays on the captune scene, so you can capture 4 animals at the price of 1. And Yes, every animal gives standing and tags.
Sorry if i had a bit of potato english my boys, hope it helpls to fix the game ❤️

Another thing that happened only once, but it is still worth mentioning. I was waiting for a Bolarola to come after i lured him, but 2 of them spawned. 1 was walking and i had to tranq, the other one spawned already catched.

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