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Partial Cloak with Moa Companion


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Within the last half-hour I went on a spy mission for Perin Sequence standing. Naturally, I brought along my Ivara setup to make the mission easier; as well as my Moa companion so I can level it in the meantime. Upon entering the first vault I activated my Prowl ability to decrease my visibility, and immediately noticed that the majority of the Moa's model was not under the same visual effect as my warframe. From what I can tell, only the legs became cloaked while the head, front, and rear modules were unaffected. I think that the only affected part of the Moa is the "Bracket" piece from the assembly mechanic of Moa companions, but that's something I feel I can only confirm by checking the game's item ID's, which I do not know how to do.

Either way I wanted to post this bug on the forum before I forget to so it can be looked into further by the devs. Below I have provided a screen cap of the bug in question.



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