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"Error updating data account, please wait" at the end of the mission


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Last night I've farm some Kuvas in survival mission (from the Kuva's forteress) but at the end of this mission an error message has spawn and ask "updating of the information of the account, please wait" something like that but there is no end to this, so I interrupt the "update" because it always failed. So I've lost some Kuva after 35min in a mission.

I'll let you check the screen on the bottom, and I would like to receive my Kuva please... (Oh and as you can see I had a kitgun so it's not a picture from the years 2000)

If it's possible to receive my Kuva, just that will be the most important for me... the others things isn't really important

Thank you to save me 😢

Have a nice day everyone and enjoy the Game


The picture : 1542717526-bug-game-no-receive-kuva.png

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