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Mod Ui Lag


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- Huge delay when accessing the mod inventory when possessing large quantities of mods (I have around 6000 mods).

The interface will freeze for 5 to 10 seconds before displaying the mod inventory page.


This bug had been around since U7 and miraculously disappeared at 9.6-7 when the mod inventory got redesigned.

Now it's back in full force. 


And another one, probably related:

 - Delay when fusing high rank mods: in fusion "mode" (when you select a mod and chose "fusion" in the menu to feed the mod), selecting a mod to fuse with will result in a delay of around half a second each time.

It becomes annoying when you want to fuse entire pages of fusion cores into a high rank mod, when each time you select a core the interface freezes for almost a second.

And it only seems to occur with high rank mods: I was working on a rank 8 steel fiber and a rank 8 vitality, but had no issues with a rank 0 Equilibrium (I was trying to get rid of my surplus of mods to avoid above bug).


Hope this will help.

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Same problem here, 3 second lag with 3k mods. The previous mod inventory didn't lag at all. Why change something that ain't broken or bad to begin with DE?


On top of that, we used to have a sorter to just to show current installed mod, not remove that and show all mixed installed mods together. I now have same unranked 5 Fast Redirections and Continunity installed mods that i don't know which is for which frame, this made us so much annoying to identify.

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