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Thank you community.


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I been playing this game off and on for awhile, I never was deep into it..but when my mood was for fast pace gun fighting. I always picked this game for that itch.

I just want to post and thank the community, Sure I had a few toxic people, who hated I was leveling up Limbo and sucked with it, but that was not the community as a whole. I even understood why they got upset because I was ruining their fun at the time.


So I am speaking from what I been through in this game, and want to thank the community. You have always made me feel welcome, from the old days until now. You have taught me about the game, and even parts I sucked at. I would say I am not good at spy, and many players would be like. Sit back I got you. While I will just search around hoping to find someone to repay their kindness. I've played many MMOS...and by far this community has been the best toward me. So thank you guys for making a great game even better.

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