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Did Not Know Where To Put This Bug...


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Well, I have a very strange bug. I will not sell/fuse any mod now because I am afraid something bad will happen. Anyways, so far I have observed that every single mod in each of my 4 main warframes has been duplicated, even all of my rank 5 flows, my max constitutions, the abilities, and everything..... So.... I am afraid if I sell/fuse a duplicate I will lose the main one too. O.o DE please explain this to me. I didn't hack or anything! I am as surprised as everyone else is! I would like to keep the duplicates though....

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2:53 PM addition:


  • You may notice that mods you have equipped in a weapon are in your options for customization in other weapons. You no longer need to remove the mod from weapon X to equip in weapon Y, it will appear in the UI for you now.
  • Addition: If you find yourself saying "Now I wasted mods fusing up duplicate X because I can equip the same mod twice on Sentinel/etc." This will likely not be possible in the future so don't sell your duplicates!


Patch notes are posted for your benefit.

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