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Livestream #13 Comments On Transmute


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BS STEVE!! You said in the livestream what we combine is factored into a transmutation. I just combined flow, energy siphon, slash dash, and a revenge mod just because of similar polarities and I got a REVENGE mod as my reward.


Super lame. 21,000 credits in the hole + what I lost when your update wiped out my newly stocked gear section + those mods I risked -wishing- i'd get Heavy Impact. (which seems to elude me despite everyone I know having it.)


Geebus. If this is supposed to be alchemy the alchemist has down syndrome. Get it.


Fix it.


The best way to do it would be to let us pick what we want to achieve.. Like an end goal. Then we throw mods into the pot to fulfill the necessary level/requirements (whether it be polarity focused or just similar mods - say like if I combined constitution and super jump - i could see that as an easy high impact formula) or whatever for the mod then at least we get a chance at being in the realm of what we need or want. Alchemists aren't first time cooks. Sell a philosophers stone for platinum if need be.


-rant rant rant


Love ya Steve. But COME ON!




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