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Data corruption (Solved)


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Twice today I had the problem of crashing with my Switch scans revealing data corruption. First was at the launcher and the second time when starting a mission against the Jackal with a squad. I completely redownloaded the software (which took 6 hours) the first time, and now that its happening a second time, I have to wonder:

Is it truly a corruption problem or does the Switch misinterpret the updates done by the launcher?



Upon further tests, I keep having crashes when I'm loading into a mission (solo or public). I guess there is something that is corrupting the data

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Is your game on SD card and if that card formated in exFAT file system? 

If so then try to do that:

1. Launch PC
2. Connect your SD card through card reader or something. 
3. Copy everything to your PC.
4. Put SD card into your Switch and format it through switch (it should format it in Fat32)
5. Put SD card into your PC and copy everything back to it.

The reason is exFAT has a high rate of data corruption everywhere due to not having any journaling (which Fat32 has and a lot of other file systems)

The only advantage of exFAT over Fat32 is being able to have files larger than 4GB on the drive. The thing is, there are NO files larger than 4GB on switch, even if game is larger than that. Switch installs games as they are, i.e. unpacked, and there's no resource files that are larger than 4GB, so if you use that SD card exclusively on Switch, there's no reason to use exFAT at all.

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