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Tennogen skins not working with Toggle Prime Details


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    I am new to this forum stuff. Just in general. I don't have much hope in this being seen, or taken with any seriousness because the frame within question is most of the time either taken too seriously or without a care for those that do play it; at least that is my experience in the game. 

    Chroma Prime, whether this is a bug, or creative decision, I do not know; but nonetheless, does not work with Tennogen skins and I haven't the best to try and explain this without asking someone to try it out. When I myself try to use the Tennogen Chroma Thyrus skin, and click 'Toggle Prime Details' it just replaces it all with Chroma Prime. I feel as if I've wasted money on these Tennogen skins. I want to support them, but unlike Nyx or Valkyr Prime, I cannot enjoy my Tennogen Chroma skins with my Chroma Prime. 

    Is there any way to fix this if it is a bug? 














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I remember reading a post somewhere (can't remember where exactly, might have been Reddit) about this. Apparently, this is on a per skin basis and is programmed into the skin itself. It's the creator of the TennoGen skin that has to make the edit to allow the skins to toggle prime details.

Now, don't take my word as truth. I don't know this for myself as I'm not involved with TennoGen in any way and I could be wrong for all I know. Again, this is based on a post by someone else. If there's someone knowledgeable in the workings of TennoGen, maybe they can give some insight on this.

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