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Genreal gameplay/Gamebreaking Bugs


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One thing I find very very frustrating is, how you spend a large amount of time farming on a mission, the host either gets lost or someone leaves thus the host changes. There have been so many times where i get stuck in the load screen i have to restart the game, all the resources i wasted are gone all the time and money i put into the game are gone. Examples are cetus it happens often I spend time fishing use bait use lures person get connection issue re hosting was unable i loose all my effort i loose all of the time. next example is the index you invest your credits you go to continue or you go to extract frozen on screen Loosing your credits This is annoying, this should not still be a bug. Please I have played this game off and on fro 5 years. Can bugs that literally are game breaking in that they make the player experience horrible be fixed before new projects are taken on??? Another perfect example Nidus has a bug where his second ability is busted is fling the enemies off into never never land and when it is cancel they all spawn back, it have been like this for a couple of months now. Another example is onslaught it is so buggy something that could have been so fun the amount of glitches that destroy the fun. Yes I understand why a lot of it has not been done is because  the veteran community doesn't want it changed they want only cosmetics, that doesn't add to game play. please please please fix game play bugs add new holiday events please just don't recycle Halloween cancer was a perfect example every single year. Sorry if I went on but after my game yesterday it really fed me up like i spent time playing a round I was hoping it was going to work it froze on the choices I had to restart the game. it was not my fault, but i lost the credits......... I also took a screen shot to show https://imgur.com/a/q0GlqPI. Please can bugs like this be addressed to make the experience fro new and veteran players better. Thanks you for reading this and sorry if it seemed like a ramble

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