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About Bloodletting


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So I came across an idea to make bloodletting more uh… bloodletting. Well, here goes nothing.

• Bloodletting is now a toggle ability

• Bloodletting doesn't cost energy

• Upon activation Garuda loses 50 health/s and gradually increases to 100 health/s over 25 seconds

• Upon activation Garuda gains a 25%  damage buff and gradually increases to 100% over 25 seconds

• Upon activation Garuda gains 2.5 energy/s and gradually increases to 5 energy/s over 25 seconds

• If Garuda's health would be reduced to zero, Bloodletting would be automatically deactivated

So reason behind this idea is to promote the risk and reward play style. The original Bloodletting takes away half of Garuda's health only to replenish 25% of her total energy. The risk is great but the reward is rather small. I understand that it could be used to synergize with Garuda's passive but maintaining a low health in an enviroment filled with slash and toxin procs is pretty tough if without quickthinking. Additionally, the synergy seems to be quite counter productive with Garuda's 2nd ability. So the suggestion I made here aims to keep the risk factor at a high level (if not increased further) and increase the reward gained. Here's a little explaination of the reason behind the numbers.

• The initial drain of 50 health/s seems a bit high and the 100 health/s at max drain may seem even more absurd. Well, the intention of the high health drain is to promote the high risk high reward playstyle and provoke the intensity of gameplay. Players would be required to maintain their health with either Garuda's 2nd ability or other means of health regeneration. In return, the benefits gained from this ability would be great.

• The 25 second build up time seems, again, a bit long, but still due to the same reason as above, players must prove themselves enduring to gain profit in the maximum benefit Bloodletting has to offer.

I think this sums up this humble suggestion and please do let me know what you think of this idea, but please leave constructive ideas, thank you! 😆

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