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Geyser Causing a Soft Lock - Cressedia, Uranus


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While going through The Second Dream quest, one of the missions requires that you go underwater with your archwing and find some sentient fragments on Cressedia, Uranus. While swimming around the area where you have to play a game of hot-cold with an NPC, one of the geysers in the level pushed me straight up, apparently into an out of bounds area. The game corrected itself by fading to black, placing me back to where I was a few seconds ago, and fading back in. Unfortunantly, this was back in the geyser, causing me to shoot straight back into the out of bounds area again and respawn, you guessed it, back in the geyser. After a few cycles, the game began spawning me directly in the out of bounds area itself, permenantly blacking my screen and constantly trying to relocate my position. Moving/Dashing is impossible as I kept getting moved back out of bounds, and pausing was not possible as well during this process.

I went back and going to the same area causes the same results of being softlocked.
Unable to complete mission or even exit back to ship. Had to force close.

I dont have a video but I circled the area that this happens.


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