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Argonak's glow is barely visible since update 24.


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Wasn't sure if it should be posted here, in general bugs, or art/animation.
The Argonak's glow used to be somewhat thick, and fairly noticeable. Now it's so subtle, it can hardly be said to be there at all. I'm reporting it, because the highlight is the only thing this weapon has going for it.  So i'd like it to be fixed. And if possible, i'd also like the ranged to be increased to at least 300m for use in the plains and Orb Valis
The glow is only 1 pixel wide now at 10-20m
Included is a screenshot and the enemy is about 15m away. I made the scene as dark as possible to make it as visible as possible. Yes that means if it's any brighter on the map, the glow goes away. I first noticed it in orb valis trying to see if it'll pinpoint enemies out at a distance. even at 20m away i couldn't see it at all.

I'll also include a screenshot at less than 1m, i'm right now against the enemy. And lastly, i'll link to the wikia that shows how it used to look pre update 24.
At about 15m. https://i.imgur.com/HgptfmW.png

At 1 meter https://i.imgur.com/W619xLW.png


How it's supposed to look.


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