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PvP idea that might make it better?


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Lets remove all Conclave mods out of the system. Players who have spent their endo, credits, and standing to get them will be refunded all points back. Standing can be used to get exclusive cosmetics or mods for PvE for certain weapons. Idk. Once all conclave mods have been flushed down the toilet, its time to make all weapons and frames the same level (I think it already is but still) when playing in Conclave. 

New and "more" Game Modes:

1. Domination(Capture the Flag): The team with the most points by holding down  certain points wins the round. Maybe 2 rounds?

2. Defend: There will be several objectives in this defend game mode. Allies will have to defend an area while enemies have to secure it. Once the the area has been secured all allies will be teleported to a new area that has to be protected. The team with the most captured areas or if the enemy has captured all areas will result in a win or lose depending on which side your on. This game mode is very similar the the Plants Vs Zombie game mode. Additional ally fodder will also help the defending team. 

3. Escort: One random ally from the defending team will be the escort target. They have a sphere that has a cephalon in it. Your partners will then have to protect you or who ever has the ball to the specific location. Simple enough. 

4. Keep the Oro collecting one, its quite fun.

5. Team death match

6. Lol idea. Get Lunaro mechanics and make a game mode called Endzone.  Pretty much a standard dodge ball game, but when you get hit you go to the back of the opposing team and you can attack from the backside.  

I dont know.

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