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More loot crates like Fortuna


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I love Fortuna's loot crates. A chance at having random components drop in small quantities, but with several different types all in one? Fantastic.

I want to see these sorts of crates, adjusted for regular play, and found rarely through levels but commonly in small niche/loot rooms and vaults. It'd mean that players who want to take their time trawling through a single map to loot everything possible get a bit more variety of resources than the planet alone would normally drop, and make looting actually feel rewarding. Currently, looting just feels like stealing dirty socks from an unconscious homeless person, and I'd love to see that change.

Some of the more 'secret' rooms that were meant to require parkour to reach (like the Void tile where you had to wall run up the big power tubes) could have some kind of ability negating field, or dangerous hazards or something, so that there is still some form of challenge required to enter. Compensate such rooms with higher numbers/spawn chance of these multi-drop loot crates, and it'll be perfect!

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