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2V2 Pvp Feedback


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Whether this was intentional or not, DE.. it's a great start. What I noticed about this style of pvp:



- I like the Design, easy for juking players into thinking your below them and suddenly your above them!

- Quick to down other ninjas (Wasn't a huge deal after we got a hand of the style of gameplay)

- Playing and thinking like a ninja will KEEP YOU ALIVE. (Think of it like... Metal Gear Solid meets Gears of War and has a baby, that baby grow up and has another kid with Ninja Gaiden/Devil May Cry, and that is Warframe PVP)

- ^ Wall running, blocking shots, jumping, flipping, spinning, all help unbelievably in the survival of your frame.

- Pulling kick-butt moves such as running up a wall, back flipping, and raining down a hail of bullets to an enemy tenno on a ramp is probably one of the coolest things I've ever done in a PVP setting in any game.

- TOOK SKILL to maneuver and shoot at ninjas flying over you head super fast. Was very fun!

- Shed light on the chance of a successful style PVP e-sport side to Warframe.. very exciting.. but has a lot of work to make it perfect.


* - Taking the Map off would make it much more focused on eyesight rather then map watching IMO.

* - Make the Cubes disappear after round begins, Frames get stuck inside during match if they walk in on accident.


Once again, not sure if this was intended on or not, but just wanted to give my feedback that although I've had complete denial on the fact Warframe could be fun at all in PVP... tonight I had a full adrenaline packed game which was full of action and awesome gameplay! Need anymore testing for these maps or more I will happily give my input!


Thanks guys. Keep it up.

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Good thing we couldn't get more energy or rhino would be best PVP player! Though it was fun for sure me and 3 friends had melee and lato match only it got pretty epic using block dodging and melee attacking!

Running Trinity and throwing an energy siphon on a Loki who was invis so I would regain energy as well as know where he was at was an awesome tactic... but to target him quick enough to pull that off took serious aim. A lot of fun

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When pretty much 3-4 shots kill you? Blocking 1-2 of those 3-4 shots save your life.. don't compare it to PVE it is nothing like it.

Right! Sacrifice your mobility and ability to damage in order to block 1/4 bullets. Such a smart tactic.

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Clearly we weren't meant to find this, but I'll give feedback anyway.


It needs the same 3 seconds of invincibility after you stand up. This way the players have time to run around like in the 1v1 pvp we already have in the dojo. Otherwise, it's already quite good that the maps are large rather than the very confined space of the dojo. I really like using cover, and the dojo should allow placing decorations to let us design our own arenas.

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I think it could be a lot of fun... If it were balanced, which would take a hell of a lot of work and time. Time which should really be spent developing the PvE side of the game more.


For example I went into a 2v2 game as a level 26 Volt. I should have been weak because I wasn't modded out enough, plus Volt's pretty week at the best of times, but I had an Acrid! Which was only level 20 with 1 mod on it! The other team dropped dead after 2 shots... Didn't feel very rewarding

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Try this...




Warframe: Rhino

Skills: Charge only (no iron skin)

Mods: Whatever you want


A) Primary - Bow

B) Secondary - Lex or Seer

C) Melee - Glaive


1v1 only. Prepare for an epic time. (On the venus map, not the mercury) PVP2

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Tried it last night, was not much people hosting or playing but my frost agrees with this, if pvp really is starting up it needs its own balancing and awards and DEFINITELY damage scaling so its more fun, even match rules to be set up before entering. Its a nice little thing to do while waiting for the end game to be thought of.

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