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Dojo Kavat Infinite XP (Minor Bug)


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Yeah, so my Kavat is getting unlimited XP in my dojo. Happened after changing some loadouts, game froze for a sec, loadout changed, cat comes running into the room with "ABILITY +600" over his head, rising over time. Stops after a while till I move again.

Resets Kavat to original level (0 in my case, Formaed it) when entering Arsenal. Swapping him out for a Sentinel, backing out of Arsenal, left "ABILITY +(pick a number)" Floating in the air. Re-equipped Kavat, started again.

Returning to ship, Kavat was 0 again and it stopped. Unable to replicate on ship.

Returning to Dojo, it wasn't happening. Paused>Arsenal>Exited, glitch re-produced.

Entered mission from Observatory, Kavat Lvl 0, glitch stopped.

Other details: Game set to public, and I was the only one in Dojo.

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