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Internet Connection Fails


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Since the last hotfix, every time I play warframe my internet connection fails. Sometimes I get on, do a solo mission and at the end it shows "failed to connect to server", "progress not saved", sometimes I go to my arsenal and internet fails right there.

Ok well, internet connection issues have nothing to do with the game, it's my own connection that is bad.


The weirdest thing is, if I switch windows back to my desktop and leave warframe as a background program running, I get my internet connection back. And guess what ? If I switch to warframe, the connection fails, again.

And doing other stuff on my pc using internet works fine. NOTHING makes the connection drop, so it must be something related to warframe.


The first thing that came into my mind was firewall problems. Went there, made warframe able to go trough firewall, but the problem still persists. Tried running warframe as administrator, the problem still persists. Needless to say that this makes playing warframe impossible since every time I do a mission (which is almost never, since the connection drops before getting into one most of the times), progress is not saved.

Anyone else facing this ? If so how did you resolve it ?



Edit: Oh and I can only login if during the login phase (the circle thing going around) I switch to my desktop and leaving warframe at the background... Tested it multiple times.

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