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Caves and Sentinel Weapons


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Can't say I've seen too much wrong with Fortuna as there was in PoE, thank you for that DE! But the few points I have...

  • Cave challenge still won't progress to 30 
  • Spoiler




  • The new sentinel weapons don't seem to be giving any mastery (only tested with the Cryotra up to rank 11, shows up in the profile but has not given affinity) 

  • When holding the kubrodon echo-lure (have not tested it with the others) and boarding a K-Drive, when disembarking it switching to primary or secondary weapon, binding 3 to alt fire, and preventing ability use until swapping to the tranq rifle and back.

  • None of the new modular weapons (K-Drives, Kitguns, MOAs) are appearing on the Equipment list.

  • MOA ai running in circles around the player when mining like the Kavats used to.

Then a couple little additions my clan and I think would be a good idea....

  • Since the Orb Vallis is so large, a gear item of sorts that would let us place a permanent marker on the map for ourselves for something like a cave we like to fish in or something like that. Could maybe even give it to Smokefinger since he has so few items for sale.
  • A waypoint for the K-Drive races and maybe a toggle for them and the caves to prevent too much clutter on the map.
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Forgot to add point about MOA ai
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