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Cervantes (Earth) black screen


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I was trying to get a Health link mod from the caches in the Cervantes mission on Earth, being at 2/3 for an extended period of time I decided to get back to the start of the level and check every corner again.

So in the starting room, I jumped over the fence (only 2~ meters away from it, I think on some sort of pipe on the left side ?) to take a look, then after landing and standing still a couple of seconds I tried to move but my screen faded to black just like it does when a player is in an area that he / she shouldn't be.

I only had the time to briefly see my UI come back (ammo count), then it went black again and it seems to be permanently stuck. I tried to spam my jump / crounch a little bit thinking maybe even though I can't see it, my character can still move and if I can get him to reach a different place I could start my researches again but it did not work.

The /unstuck command that I found via a quick google search also did not work :



I guess I should add that my game was NOT crashed since the chat was still working (as the screenshot suggests), my FPS count was still changing, and as I am writing this, I've just been redirected to my ship with a "Mission Failed" message.



Edit : I did not realise the starting tile could be different; the screenshot hereafter shows the location where this problem happens, and the probleme is indeed that the game gets stuck in a loop trying to re-place the character over and over (I had more time to see my UI on this second attempt, but spamming jumps / ctrl or shift would still not help).



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