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constructive feedback for For Tuna


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- Please add MR restrictions : old thread but this is work sometimes to stop toxin and bad community like leecher in bounty especially and some K-drive standing lover

- Profit taker : Sleep forever? there is time he is walking around to look for food,not standing in building and watching 

There is still many bugs : like you can't call archwing and K-drive in same time or you will be rest in the ground of Orb of Valis

Improve AI : Random plane > go to ambush point > Stop right on the pond > many corpus landed > instant died ??? LOL > watching with popcorn in another side of pond

- Add more fish and more creature in Orb of Valis : yeah there is 4 different animals in orb of valis, and many fish but what purpose of bait? when fish is very common?

ADD REAL merchandise : Btw mouse doll in Fortuna is so adorable!!! we need real ONE XD


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