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Update Failed Canot Find Warframe Executable ! Was Just Playing Awhile Ago Then This Happened ?


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Well i was playing this morning up until this late afternoon PH. time but i was getting this freeze game when i host so i asked a friend to host for me then he said he needs a break so i decided to check on my firefall account to check on my crafting que there played for an hour or two then decided id like to check if my friend is playing again, and then i get this on my launcher "failed to update cant find the warframe executable" what is this ? im pretty sure i am not disconnected from the internet cause well i cant post here and 2ndly checked ping is good and i dont know how come i get this ? or what have casued this was thinking of reinstalling but i thought i should try running my backup copy in my external drive so i plug it in and still same failed to update just want to know what is this ? and how am i or you guys are going to fix this ? Many thnx ill be waiting for a reply going to hangout in firefall while waiting. ^____^

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