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  1. You're right I forgot that one, it says in it's description that it has been "Twisted and tortured from exposure to the Infestation" so that's a pretty clear indicator that it was something else before hand.
  2. There is nothing in the lore of warframe to suggest that any infested weapon besides the ones I listed are infested versions of other weapons. The Mutalist Quanta and the Paracyst are directly stated to be infested versions of the Quanta and before the model change the Torid had the same model as the Ogris with a different color which makes the case fir ti being an infested Ogris more shaky. If any other weapons are infested versions of different weapons DE would tell us in the description of the weapon, anything else is just speculation. Edit: There is also the Cerata which is a glaive that is "twisted and tortured by the infestation". I also forgot the Mutalist Cernos.
  3. Only the Mutalist Quanta, Paraycyst, and Torid are infested versions of regular weapons also they are different enough from their non-infested counterparts that that they can be considered different weapons entirely.
  4. 1. The "Onslaughter Infested Mega Invasion" Add-On? 2. The Plasma hand/ Gauntlet Blasters? 3. The Toggle-Trigger Solar Gun? 4. The Burstfire multi-shell shotgun
  5. Pretty nice stuff, I like that's it's made from surplus Rubico rifles after the Rubico Prime was rediscovered. I also like that you gave it some of the Jade Rabbits perks.
  6. Neo3602

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted you have more credits on your audible account, but the money for the credits came from the account of a very powerful crime boss who is now sending thugs to break all the bones in your body for stealing from him. I wish that Kuva was easier to get.
  7. They talked about it in an interview with Mogamu Edit: and the did say they want to look at Ember and Vauban This Year.
  8. Well they are working on reworking Wukong right now so and the list of frames they want to rework in the nearish future was Wukong Vauban and Ember so I'd be surprised if we didn't hear anything about Embers or Vaubans rework a couple months or so after they finish with Wukong. I do agree that it would be nice if DE wouldn't take as long to get reworks out.
  9. Ember is also on the rework list.
  10. I like the darker colors on the top one, but I think the bottom half of the gun could use some detailing like in the bottom image.
  11. When will we be able to trade Amalgam Mods from the Ropalyst?
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