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  1. I'm going to go with H, "The Retroactive Warframe Weapon Specialization Initiative" sounds interesting.
  2. Hide contents Manufacturer: The Gaianite Sect, Temple of the Everglade, Larunda Relay, Mercury. Stats Special Trait(s) Impregnated Wood= + 0.1-0.5 health regeneration dependent on 1/5 increments of frame's health (The lower portion of the bow is specifically imbued with an internal supply of calendula gel which drips out of the body through carefully chiseled micropores. The more an individual squeezes the wood, ((such as during battlefield stress)), the greater the volume of gel that will spill onto the user's body.
  3. really like this one, so unless I'm reading this wrong it's mag size is equal to it's max ammo
  4. The Origin System being what it is, there’s a common trope in mostly Origin System sci-fi, particularly Corpus works - The idea of having Dug Too Deep. It was even the basis of the Corpus film Deep Six*, in which a Corpus salvage team attempts to excavate an Orokin derelict beneath the Europan ice and is massacred by a Warframe. Myths about Mimas, the Cursed Moon, all skew towards this trope. The moon has an abandoned Grineer mining outpost clinging to the surface, which broadcast news of incredible technology found in the abandoned city hugging Mimas’ equator...
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