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  1. Agreed just got out of a mission where half the squad left at the 10 min mark and dragged the rest of us with them.
  2. another great concept! interested to see more vaulter stuff Any thoughts on the concept art from tennoncon?
  3. that could be interesting, I do hope the playable grineer/corpus/teshin is not just a one off for the quest
  4. My guess is that the sentients that we (the tenno) fight and the ones that the grineer are fighting are not the same level of quality, the sentients that we have been fighting are more elite because force of numbers don't really matter against the tenno, but when fighting the grineer or corups you need numbers if only to because there is a much larger area you are going to be fighting over so the sentients sent against the grineer/corups are of much lower quality because there needs to be more of them due to the differing scale of the fight.
  5. I do think these changes are nice, but I do think some gun starts need to get looked at, some guns are just not good, as well as the fact that you need far less investment to make melee weapons good where guns are going to need far more investment, grinding the new arcanes/mods and then putting lots for forma in the to fit the new mods in which are all really high cost on top of needing an Arcane Unlocker for each gun you want to use an arcane on. Where as melee weapons get free mod points from stance mods which reduces forma cost to max out a weapon and they don't need an arcane unlocker to get the most out of a melee weapon along with an arcane you need to grind out 21 of to get it's full power. it's a good step but some weapons need to be looked at as well as the investment needed for melee weapons vs primary/secondary weapons
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