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  1. In short things get unvaulted periodically and during that time you'll be able to get the relics that have the unvaulted prime parts in them. Once the unvaulting ends you can no longer get the relics from missions, however any relics that people still have don't disappear so it is still possible to get vaulted parts primes from doing public missions from time to time. Of course the best time to farm vaulted prime items is still when they are unvaluted.
  2. I would really like a sentient crossbow but I think it should be its own weapon instead of changing an existing and (IMO) fairly interesting weapon.
  3. As someone who plays Khora a lot I can agree that the different modes for Venari are lackluster. I have Hunter Recovery on Venari so i usually keep her in the first mode for some nice burst healing, I never use the second mode because disarming one enemy isn't very good and I do use the healing mode, if I'm playing excavation to heal the excavators or if I notice an ally is low on health so Venari can passively heal them. It would be nice if Venari's different modes got buffed, but at least now a couple of them are mildly useful. As for Strangledome it would be nice if enemies didn't move when shot while captured by it.
  4. Did you make those models or are they weapons from a game? Either way each of those weapons look interesting.
  5. Neo3602

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted however you do not have superhuman strength like waframes and when you try to lift it you throw out your back. I wish that there were more Kavat breeds.
  6. I remember that, I had forgotten it since it was auto-burst. I really hope DE decides to do a Primary and/or Secondary design contest one day.
  7. That makes sense. After I read your post I started thinking about it myself and if you don't mind me throwing out a couple ideas: 1. A battle rifle that has innate cold damage and inflicts cold procs(maybe in an AOE) with each shot regardless of what element it is modded for. Is based in part on the glaxion and shoots blobs of Cryotic which the corpus marksmen use to slow down dangerous enemies (grineer heavies, infested ancients. Tenno.) and make them easier for other corpus to take out. 2. A battle rifle that shoots small rockets like the Angstrum (multi-shot behaves as normal on it unlike the Angstrum) It would have the ability cycle between different types of rockets, the base rockets would do mostly blast damage in a decent sized aoe like the Angstrum, the second would pierce the target and detonate (like a 40k boltor) causing massive internal damage(slash procs) and the last would have no explosive payload but have increased damage and punch through. I don't know if these ideas are good at all but if you like any part feel free to use it. Either way I'm sure you'll be able to come up with something interesting.
  8. Very nice stuff as always, I really like weapons with multiple fire modes. Have you though of making a Corpus Semi-auto rifle? It seems the Corpus don't have anything that is a middle ground between the Lanka or Opticor and their automatic weapons. The closest I've seen anyone make is your "Decima".
  9. Sounds interesting the infested have been really neglected and don't really feel like a threat, something like this would change that I think.
  10. 1. The "Onslaughter Infested Mega Invasion" Add-On? 2. The Plasma hand/ Gauntlet Blasters? 3. The Toggle-Trigger Solar Gun? 4. The Burstfire multi-shell shotgun
  11. Pretty nice stuff, I like that's it's made from surplus Rubico rifles after the Rubico Prime was rediscovered. I also like that you gave it some of the Jade Rabbits perks.
  12. Neo3602

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted you have more credits on your audible account, but the money for the credits came from the account of a very powerful crime boss who is now sending thugs to break all the bones in your body for stealing from him. I wish that Kuva was easier to get.
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