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Titania rework idea


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So basically, I'm annoyed cause the rework announced sounds super lazy, so uh here's my idea

Passive: Titania always has 6 active razorfly drones, enemies that come within x metres of titania gets marked by a razorfly. When enemies are killed by titania and her allies whilst marked, they drop a buff depending on the type (basically her 2 buffs drop when enemies came into range with titania and are killed)

Spellbind: mostly the same except with an 8m radius at max, and 15 seconds maximum duration.

Tribute: Expend your shields to refresh the number of razorflies that titania has, and healing the ones that are currently active. Allies within 25m gain 25% movement speed buff for 30s

Daze: Enemies marked by razorflies explode, removing their mark, knocking down enemies anddealing a % of the targets health as aoe blast damage, and marking 2 enemies for every 1 that detonated.

Razorwing: reduced energy cost on abilities (by at least 50%), affected by aviator and agility drift, buff the damage of the diwata to 350 damage, with a 25% critical chance and a 2.5 multiplier, and a 25% status chance.

Buff changes:

Dust: Razorfly jams enemy guns within a 25m radius of titania and allies for 20s

Thorns: Reduce incoming damage by 50% for titania and allies within 30m for 30s, the 50% of damage blocked is reflected back at the attackers

Entangle: Enemies within 25m of tiania are slowed by 30% (affected by power strength up to 75%) for 30s

Full Moon: 25% of all companion damage is dealt as true damage for 20s 

Edited by Jabett
Added changes to the buffs that titania receives
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