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  1. Titania as a whole needs to be looked at, not just the tribute buffs, I have submitted a post on the forum for ideas if you wanted to take a look. Absorb's damage a second cap is stupid and should be removed, as you are either stationary with the damage or have a range that's too small to deal damage in a range that matters
  2. We just need more and better bow skins
  3. Baruuk is pretty good, but I wouldn't mind a small buff to his health 😄
  4. it would be better at 10m for the area stuns and heal on blood altar. 35% to 40% on cast isn't much of a change, it should be at least 50%, but thanks for the start
  5. THANK YOU, and not only that, titania has a 50% chance, yea a 1 in 2 chance, to avoid it. It's not happening
  6. honestly this "rework" just sounds super lazy. I'd rather you guys did what Pablo did with saryn, overshoot the mark, then scale it back. Titania's still got a major issue, full cost of abilities in razoring, a channelled ability. No synergy with her passive cause most of the time you'll be avoiding death in her razorwing. 3 abilities that are the same. Nyx's rework is most definitely the laziest and lowest effort "rework" to date, but I'd rather focus on one thing at a time so here goes: Proposed changes: Passive: Titania always has 6 active razorfly drones, enemies that come within x metres of titania gets marked by a razorfly. When enemies are killed by titania and her allies whilst marked, they drop a buff depending on the type (basically her 2 buffs drop when enemies came into range with titania and are killed) Spellbind: mostly the same except with an 8m radius at max, and 15 seconds maximum duration. Tribute: Expend your shields to refresh the number of razorflies that titania has, and healing the ones that are currently active. Daze: Enemies marked by razorflies explode, removing their mark, knocking down enemies anddealing a % of the targets health as aoe blast damage, and marking 2 enemies for every 1 that detonated. Razorwing: reduced energy cost on abilities (by at least 50%), affected by aviator and agility drift, buff the damage of the diwata to 350 damage, with a 25% critical chance and a 2.5 multiplier, and a 25% status chance.
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