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[PC] Clan Leadership Recruitment {Scientia Infinitum}


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I currently wish to create an environment full of people with an interest in STEM related fields.

If you fit that criterion and wish to lead and coordinate clan activities, this is what you'll be working with:

Lab Progress:

Tenno: 68/70 || Chem: 20/21 || Bio: 16/21 || Energy: 30/30 || Orokin: 4/9 || Colors: 8/35

Open Positions:

  • Strategic Chair:
    • Sets goals for research and relays these orders to field officers. 
    • Coordinates solar rail activities (if Armistice is ever removed)
  • Architect:
    • Primarily responsible for building, maintaining, and decorating the main areas of the dojo. 
    • Works closely with the founder to determine the dojo layout. 
  • Community Chair:
    • Maintains the clan discord
    • Moderates in-game chat
    • Sets messages of the day. 
  • Field Officer(s):
    • Assembles squads and squad loadouts for projects approved by the strategic chair. 
  • Squad Leader(s):
    • Makes decisions within missions. (what objectives to follow, where to stay, etc.)

If you are interested, feel free to message me in the forums or in-game.


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