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When doing Defection, both enemies and Kavor sometimes stop spawning/just don’t appear after a certain point and some timers freeze.

When doing certain Cetus bounties, enemies will stop spawning...which can guarantee your success or failure depending on what the task is. For example, defending an area and keeping control of it is easy (but boring) when you literally just have to stand there for 2 minutes. But when you need to kill an enemy to get the supply drop beacon and there are no enemies in the entire area anymore, you’re screwed.

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Since Rebecca on Twitter replied to me asking for more details...

Enemies sometimes don't spawn during defend the area missions.

Enemies vital to mission completion sometimes spawn below the map or way high up in the air.

On missions where timers are critical, timers don't start or even appear, and this has at least in one instance resulted in endless defend the area missions. Enemies kept dropping from ships without end, and mission success was literally impossible because there was no countdown.

Today the very first task in a bounty was bugged. No matter how many times I entered or left the area, the timer wouldn't start. I was supposed to find the Grineer Caches, and normally there's a time limit, but there was none this time. Lotus didn't pipe up when I entered the area. There were no caches in the area. Nothing worked.

Other missions have broken and bugged aside from just Cetus bounties, but it's almost guaranteed to happen every (or every other) bounty you run. At least on the higher difficulties.

Usually the bugs are all the same- either spawn related, or timer related, or enemies not being accurately counted (during extermination missions sometimes you'll keep killing but the number won't go up anymore) so this goes beyond Cetus...but it's most frequent in Cetus, at least in my experience.

I think DE needs to spend more time playing the Switch version so they can discover these bugs themselves.

Edit: I'd just like to add that there are a lot more bugs than this. These are just the ones I can remember on the top of my head right now.

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