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How do you advertise your Discord Server?


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I have been slowly building up a very lovely and helpful community in Discord. The idea behind the server was for people to make friends and meet up for missions and it's really working out. Have met some really lovely people on there. The problem that we are facing is actually advertising the Discord to help it grow, currently at 50+ people who are all active but would really like to expand on this, and we are also looking for some people who may like to join the team in an admin capacity.

Some information about the server: We have a role system based on server activity, members are not required to contribute all the time but do need to be somewhat active to qualify to enter into certain channels such as our giveaways channel to make it fairer for the people who do take the time to contribute. We have a server competition channel and polls. Our own recruit and trade chats, builds and rivens channels. Useful channels set up for game alerts, price checks, Twitch stream alerts and even our own bug report channel and we recently opened a Captura showcase channel which has quickly become my favourite channel, some really amazing pictures on there.

I am aware that there are bigger servers out there but one of the main reasons for starting this server was because it can be a little intimidating to get involved in a 1000+ person Discord, so if you know anybody looking for a smaller active community or know of any way we could maybe get the word out there I would be very grateful!

Our Discord link is: https://discord.gg/VPjTtKW

Our members are on PC Platform.

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